New Color to Wear this Fall Wedding


2016 has been the year of muted and subtle colors like beige, blues, black, baby pinks, lemon or white. Whether it comes to Eastern or Western wear, I have always preferred to wear muted over vibrant or neon colors. They don’t just look elegant on every age or gender, but they also make your outfit ten times more sophisticated. I don’t know, I guess it’s just the power of colors.

As the wedding season begins in December, I urge all the bride-to-be’s to try wearing beige wedding dress than red. Although, red is the traditional color and looks beautiful, but trust me, beige looks mystic, and ultimately increases the chances of using the wedding dress for some future parties or weddings. After observing a multiple fashion trends launched by brands these days, I found out that designers have used more muted colors in their clothing as compared to vibrant or loud colors. Here are some of the colors I suggest you to wear this upcoming fall.

1. Nudes & Beige:

Any shade of nude color staple, whether the beige, cream, brown or everything in between looks sophisticated on any kind of outfit. Recently, high-end fashion brands like Elan, Mahgul, RemaShehrbano are preferring to use more shades of nudes than loud colors.

2. Dark Grey:

This color is like not the perfect grey, but somewhat grey with shades of blue, and this is why it lies somewhere in the between. The color is pretty muted and compliments every skin tone present in Pakistan. Due to its subtle nature, it is a perfect color to wear in the fall. Sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirt or scarves will look stunning in the color.

3. Cobalt Blue:

This color is being a lot used nowadays in the western wear, and is probably made to enhance the perfect whitish skin of Pakistan.

4. Monochrome:

This combination of black and white never goes out of fashion, and especially compliments the air of fall really well. If you haven’t worn this exquisite combo this year, then do try out in fall. 

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