Priyanka Chopra Criticized for Making Anti-Indian Drama

Priyanka Chopra New English Anti-Indian Drama (In Favour of Pakistan)

On Social Media, people highly criticized Priyanka Chopra for making anti-Indian drama in America. The drama story shows the Indian terror and how they put all blame on Pakistan. Although American Channel ABC apologizes for such drama serial.Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss world have earned a lot of fame in her career. She worked in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood for a long time. But she is highly criticized now a day due to her new English drama serial. the huge number of the Indian fans starts bashing her due to working in the Anti-Indian drama serial. The drama was launched on ABC channel of America named Quantico. When the first episode was out on 1st June 2018, she is surrounded with a bundle of criticism.

Story Plot:

The story of the drama revolves around the Indian terrorism. It’s all about how the Indians are spreading terrorism across the whole world especially in Pakistan. It shows that the Indians spread terrorism in Pakistan. After that, they planned to put all the blame on Pakistan. On the other hand, Priyanka is playing the role of FBI agent who reveals all the truth. She is aimed to show the true face of some Indian who is intended to ruin the respect of Pakistan.

Indians Reaction:

After the first episode was out, people highly censured Priyanka for playing the role in the Anti-Indian drama serial. Some people asked her to cancel the agreement and don’t work in this drama. Some people called her greedy and that she worked for money. An Indian political person tweeted that if a Pakistani girl has to do this role against Pakistan, she will never do it. Then why Priyanka is playing this role and running the name of India as well as Hinduism. Even she is receiving threats from some Indians and political persons.

ABC Apologizes:

After the huge number of criticism collected on the social media account of Priyanka, the ABC news apologizes regarding this. However, they said that Priyanka is only the actress of this drama serial, not the writer. She has no concern about the story and plot as she is only playing a solo role of FBI agent.

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