PTA will block Mobiles which have Non-Standard IMEI | December 1 2018


Register Your Phones from PTA Before December 1 2018…!!!

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority take a serious action on the mobile phones that are not registered and faked. PTA decided to block the mobile phones which have non-standard IMEI. IMEI is an International Mobile Equipment Identity that is unique for every device on international level. If the IMEI Code is correct then it means the user’s smartphone is registered and legal. If the IMEI Code is incorrect then the device is not authentic and registered on international level. So this process would be start from 1st December 2018. The PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) would begin its work from 1st December. If anyone wants to check the status of his/her device then he/she can send the 15 digits IMEI Code via SMS on 8484. The status of mobile phone can also be checked by visiting the PTA website or by downloading DIRBS android mobile application. The details about this issue are discussed below. Must read all these details and register your device before 1st December.

PTA’s Action on IMEI

Every country has a company which check all the problems related to that matter. In Pakistan PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is an authority which monitors all the problems related to telecommunication. Many fake devices are coming in markets and are using for bad works. To control this, PTA announced that it would check all the IMEI Codes of all devices from 1st December 2018. The devices which have the authentic IMEI Codes would be used and the mobile phones that are not registered, they would be blocked by the company. It is a good way to check all the mobile phones and their registration on international level.

The Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) will become operational from December 1. After December 1 the mobile devices that have a non-standard International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) will be blocked by the PTA.


How to Check Status Code

Users who want to know the status of their devices can send mobile’s 15 digit IMEI number via SMS to 8484. PTA also give the facility for consumers to confirm the status of their mobile device through Short Messaging Service (SMS). The status of the mobile device can also be checked via PTA website or by downloading DIRBS android mobile application in your smartphones.

The mobile phones that you bought before December 1 and are not registered with the PTA, will still remain operational by a network connection. The authority would pair these handsets with the SIM number that is inserted in the device.

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