A Perfect Ramzan Diet Plan for Weight Loose (Sehri, Iftar, Dinner)

Complete Ramzan Diet Plan for Weight Loose and Proper Dieting

Ramzan is on peak and so on the preparations are. The health conscious people, the main concern is choosing their right amount of right food. Start off your Ramzan with a proper Ramzan Diet Plan which will keep you healthy during this. This diet plan is suitable for all age people and is generally contains healthy foods. You are not required to eat too much or too less, but take a balanced food quantity during Sehri, Iftar, and Dinner. This diet plan is suitable for those who want to lose the weight without any extra effort.

Ramzan Diet Plan:

The complete Ramzan diet plan for Sehri, iftar, and dinner is considerable during Ramzan. Choose the right one according to your taste.

Sehri Plan:

As you know that, a perfect Sehri can make your fasting easy. You must take a proper and protein Sehri stuff which helps you all day long. For Sehri, it is advised to you to take as many proteins and fats as you can. But make sure, you are low at having carbohydrates. The simple and healthy breakfast is here which will be enough for all day long. However, you can add them according to your choice and taste.Ramzan Diet Plan

  • 1 Loaf (Roti) or paratha.
  • Yogurt (the sugar-free yogurt is best as contains low fats).
  • Protein Shakes.
  • 2 Eggs white.
  • Water (drink as much as you can).
  • Lassi (if you add yogurt than please don’t add this one to your food).
  • Tea (it’s really optional)
  • Salad

However, after this, you have to do some exercise that will cause the digestion of food. When food digested well, it provides you maximum power and energy for a day long.

Iftar Plan:

Now, you must take more attention towards your Iftar diet plan. After being hungry for all day, you should not eat or drink too much. It can affect your stomach and digestion system as well. Take a light Iftar and eat rest of the stuff in dinner.Ramzan Diet Plan

  • Water or milk Shakes (Don’t use energy drinks).
  • Dates 2,3 (it’s very beneficial plus Sunnah).
  • Vegetable Salad (beetroot, cucumber, tomato, and capsicum).
  • Fruits (Banana is a fat oriented and weight gaming fruit).
  • Dahibhry (as it contains vegetables and yogurt which is really beneficial)
  • Pakodas and other deep-fry cause fat, so avoid them in iftar time.


It’s totally up to you what you take for dinner, but make sure your food has maximum proteins. Avoid Fats in dinner because you have less time digestion and exercise.  Taking the meat, rice (brown), fish, black beans, wheat loaf and vegetables which are fat-free but are easily digestible.Ramzan Diet Plan

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