Whatsapp New Feature Offers an Hour to Delete Message

Whatsapp, which has been owned by Facebook on and off introduce various features for its users. Previously, it introduced the feature of deleting message instantly if mistakenly sent to a wrong person or it’s embarrassing. Users only had seven minutes to delete the message and the feature called “Delete for Everyone”. Now, WhatsApp updated this feature and now users have an hour to delete the messages and media.

This delete for everyone feature will work for location, images, GIFs, files, media, and messages. This is currently working on iOS and soon will be updated to all Android devices and the Android users with the beta version 2.18.69 will have 68 minutes to delete everything sent from their side.

This new and latest update only works if both devices updated the latest update or have the latest version of this application installed on the device. If you have already used the seven minutes version you have the idea that after deleting the message for everyone, the other person will have the message of “this message was deleted” instead of the original message.

Whatsapp also going to introduce another feature of locked recordings in android beta version. The users will be able to lock the audio recording if the voice note is long instead of holding or pressing the record icon for a long time. The iOS users already enjoying this feature, moreover, this update is expected to roll out by the end of the March. Not only this but WhatsApp also planning for new updates for iOS and latest Android devices to facilitate the users.

So you don’t need to get worried if you recall your mistake after a while you now have the time to delete the embarrassing or unwanted message within an hour.

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