Samsung is about to Launch M21 2021 on 21st July 2021


If you are a Samsung mobile lover, here is good news for you. Samsung has just announced to release Galaxy M21 2021 that will be seen in markets on 21st July 2021, and we can’t be happier. The Samsung Galaxy is known for bringing reliable cell phones with super exciting features. Hence, this one will surely be on another level.

The last year, they came with Galaxy M21; hence, this year, it will be named M21 2021. Surely, it will have additional features that will excite people. The announcement of this phone was made by Amazon. Previously, it was named galaxy M21 Prime Edition however, the name has been changed now.

Galaxy M21 2021

Galaxy M21 2021

When it comes to Android phones, we believe that nothing can beat Samsung company. They always come with something unique and worth purchasing models. This time they decided to launch the additional version of Galaxy m21 that was released that year.

From a perfect display to amazing battery life, it offers every required feature and we surely can’t wait to have it in our hands. However, the complete list of features has not yet been disclosed still; let’s put a light on a few attributes that have just been released.

Galaxy M21 2021 Features

This new edition of Samsung Galaxy has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner while if we talk about color options, you can get your hands on Arctic Blue color or Charcoal Black color. Furthermore, it is also said that it is just an additional version of the last year’s released Galaxy M21.

The detailed features of this phone will be released soon and we are anxiously waiting for it. Moreover, it will have a 20MP front camera and 15W charging. The charging life is the first feature that has inspired me. Moreover, it has a display of 16.21cm (6.4”). A perfect mobile camera lets you capture your special moments with perfection.

Galaxy M21 Specifications

  • Display: 16.21cm (6.4”)
  • Camera: 48 MP
  • Battery: 6000mAh
  • Colors: Arctic Blue color or Charcoal Black
  • Selfie Camera: 20 MP
  • Sensor Unit: 5MP

Figures crossed for this upcoming beauty of Samsung Galaxy.

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