Falak Shabir Shares Teaser of New Song Zindagi with Sarah Khan


Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan rocked the world when they announced their marriage out of the blue last year. Sarah Khan was coming out of a painful breakup and people were skeptical about the authenticity of the relationship, but the couple took their time to shut the world up with their genuine affection for each other.

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The gorgeous actress was all smiles on her wedding day and Falak Shabir was proud of his blushing bride. Fast forward to one year, the couple announced they are expecting their first baby together and to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage, Falak Shabir shared an exciting news.

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It all began when the singer/song writer announced to his fans that he has a surprise ready for him. Falak Shabir shared a message on his social media account in which he said, “There’s a surprise on 16th.” Referring to 16th July, the duo is going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on the same day.

The same message was also shared by Sarah Khan who is coming off the high of her latest hit drama Raqs-e-Bismil. She also shared a post in which she said, “There’s a surprise on July 16, on our anniversary, especially for fans of Falak and mine. We are very excited.”

Just today, Falak Shabir finally revealed the surprise to the fans of both celebrities. The fans will soon enjoy a music video for the latest song by singer called Zindagi. This will be their first collaboration on screen, especially as a married couple.

The teaser for the song has been released and from the sounds of it, it appears that it is a love song. The song will be released on 16th July as the couple promised. The song is written and composed by Falak Shabir and in the credits, both him and Sarah Khan are mentioned as artists, which means they both sing the song together. The video is directed by Bilal Saif.

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