Sawa Ziyara by STC with SIM, Calls, SMS and Easynet Rates| Full Details

Here are the Complete Rate Details of Sawa Ziyara by STC…!!!

When we are on vacations, outside from home, on a business tour, Umrah or for Hajj we fine it difficult to stay connect with our family members and friends. Because the Call and Internet rates and other service charges are so high so that we can’t stay in touch with our loved ones. But now Sawa Ziyara from STC allows all the Saudi Arabia visitors to be in touch with their family and friends both inside and outside the Kingdom. Sawa Ziyara is the best prepaid line in the Kingdom from STC which provides the best call rates and internet bundles on low rates. Sawa Ziyara also offers many benefits as 20 SAR free credit, 100 MBs for whole month, free minutes and avoids expensive roaming charges. Here i am going to describe the details of SIM price, all local and international call rates, local and international SMS rates and easynet form STC. Must check this and use Sawa Ziyara (STC) services at least once  when you are in Saudi Arabia or some where else.

Sawa Ziyara by STC

Sawa Ziyara (STC)

Now the pilgrims, visitors and anyone else has no need to worry about to stay in touch with their family and friends when they are far from them. Its all due to the Sawa Ziyara by STC as it is providing many facilities on low rates. Here are the details of this Telecom Network.

Other Telecom Companies are also providing many Telecom Services on low rates Zain is also one of them. Zain Call and Inernet Packages for Hajj and Umrah are in this link.

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Sawa Ziyara Benefits

Sawa Ziyara is offering some amazing benefits to its  customers and these are as follows:

  • SAR 20 free credit
  • Free 100 MB within 4 weeks.
  • Free 60 min with other SAWA ZIYARA users.
  • Avoid expensive roaming charges

Sawa Ziyara Rates

Sawa Ziyara by STC

Here are some details of Sawa Ziyara by STC as the SIM price, local calls, local and international SMS and easynet for the visitors. These are available for the KSA visitors and other visitors also who are outside the kingdom. The rates are as follows:

Services Rates
SIM Price 31.5 SR ( 5% VAT included)
All local calls 0.55 SR / Minute
International calls Starting from 0.55 SR / Minute
Local & international SMS 0.25 SR
Easynet (Internet Pay as you go) 2 SR / MB

More STC SIM Details

  • If you have no SIM card then you can get it from any STC Sales Office.
  • Sawa Ziyara SIM is valid for 60 days only and it will be deactivated automatically afterwards.
  • Validity period will not be extended with each recharge.
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