Best Zain Call and Internet Packages for Hajj & Umrah| Complete Details

Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones via Zain Call & Internet Packages during Hajj & Umrah!!!

Everyone wants to come in the house of ALALH and want to perform the sacred worships named Hajj & Umrah at least one time in his/her life. Anyone who got this lucky chance go to Saudi Arabia far from his family and friends.

No one can live there without to connect their family members and for this reason Zain bring amazing voice and internet packages for Hajj & Umrah. Here I am going to list down all the Zain Call and Internet Packages for Hajj & Umrah on low rates.

Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones as you can stay connected with your family members via Zain Call and Internet Packages. You can stay connect to back home with numerous FREE benefits via Zain network.

Here are the complete details of best Zain Call and Internet Packages for Hajj & Umrah with price, validity, volume and activation code. Must check all these details and stay connect with back your family via best Zain Call and Internet Packages for Hajj & Umrah.

Zain Voice & Data Bundles for Hajj & Umrah

Everything is important in a human life and all duties should perform on the right time. During Hajj and Umrah the pilgrims find it difficult to stay connect with their family members and friends as the internet rates are too much high.

But Zain Telecom Company solve this problem by offering the best Zain Call and Internet Packages for Hajj & Umrah. Now pilgrims can call in back their homes on low rates and can also share their photos and videos.

Other mobile companies are also offering Call & Internet packages for Hajj and Umrah. Check this in the link below.

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Zain Call Packages

Zain Call & Internet Packages

Here are the Zain voice or call packages for the pilgrims during Hajj & Umrah. These are as follows:

Recharge Balance

FREE Bonus Free Bonus*

Bonus Validity

10 SAR

100% 9.52 SAR One Day
15 SAR 100% 14.28 SAR

One Day

20 SAR

100% 19.04 SAR One Day
30 SAR 100% 28.57 SAR

One Day

50 SAR

200% 95.23 SAR Three Days
100 SAR 300% 285.71 SAR

Five Days


  • You can use the free credit in both for Zain calls and internet browsing
  • Free 2GB will be added upon first recharge of SAR 10 or more

Zain Internet Bundles

Zain Call & Internet Packages

Zain not only offered the voice packages but also the internet packages for pilgrims. You can also subscribe to the below data as add on by using the available balance. The internet bundles are as follows:

Data Plan

Validity Price

SMS Code To 959

150 MB

1 3 N150
250 MB 3 5


500 MB

7 10 N500
200 MB 30 10


400 MB

30 20 N400
1 GB 30 25


2 GB

30 45 N2
5 GB 30 80


10 GB

90 130


  • SIM validity is for 90 days
  • The data price outside the package is 2 SAR / MB
  • The SIM can be recharged with a Zain internet recharge card

To help Hajj pilgrims stay connected while they are on their spiritual pilgrimage, Zain offers a variety of phone and internet packages. during your convenience, here are a few of the top Zain internet and call packages during Hajj:

Package for the Hajj and Umrah

  • Calls, SMS, and Internet are all offered at discounted rates in this plan during Hajj and Umrah.
  • Within Saudi Arabia, it offers reduced pricing for local calls.
  • Affordable, high-speed internet access is available to users.
  • Free SMS or temporary increased data may be among the extras included in the package.

Bundle of Hajj SIM Cards

  • Hajj travelers can take advantage of Zain’s exclusive SIM card bundles.
  • Call, text, and data credits are already included in these bundles.
  • Activating the SIM card is a simple process that pilgrims can do the moment they arrive in Saudi Arabia.
  • You might get free access to specific religious applications or services, reduced rates for international calls, or other special perks with the package.
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