Shoaib Akhtar and Nauman Niaz Controversy| Everything You need to Know

Nauman Niaz, Director Sports & Syndication of the PTVC, writer, anchor and cricket correspondent went under hot water on 26th October 2021 after misbehaving with Pakistani legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in a live transmission. Things became more furious after Shoaib Akhtar submitted his resignation from PTV.

However, every Pakistani celebrity, sports personality and other random public came in support of Shoaib Akhtar and asked for the resignation of Numan Niaz. There has been a heated conversation going on regarding this controversy on every social media platform.

Nauman Niaz

Nauman Niaz and Shoaib Akhtar Controversy

In the world of social media where people got to know about every controversy instantly. there wouldn’t be any person who is not aware of the controversy of Nauman Niaz and Shoaib Akhtar. The controversy happened soon after Pakistan won the ICC World Cup 2021 against New Zealand.

In a live transmission on PTV, Nauman asked Shoaib to leave the transmission rudely that made Shoaib Akhtar furious and he instantly left. Soon after his exit, Shoaib took to his social media account and gave his resignation from the PTV.

Public Reaction

Soon after his tweet, people started speaking in his favour and asked for the resignation of Nauman. Many celebrities including Muneeb Butt, Zarnish Khan, Adnan Siddiqui and many more also came forward and spoke in favour of this much-loved cricketer.

Apart from all the famous celebrities, every common person stood by his side and criticized Nauman Niaz for his rude words. The government of Sindh also condemn this action and took instant notice.

Imran Ismail, a PTI member also took to his account and tweeted

Strongly criticize the rage of Dr Nauman Niaz to Shoaib Akthar who is an asset to our country. We need to respect and leave aside any personal grudge if any on National television. Unconditional apology to our speedster is a must.

Nauman Niaz To No Longer Host Transmission

After taking instant notice of this action that took place a few years ago, finally, the verdict has been announced. On 28th October 2021, Nauman Niaz who is hosting PTV transmission for a long time is being stopped from hosting until the final decision has been made.

Nauman has been found guilty in this matter and will no longer be hosting till the final inquiry. Because of public outrage, the matter went out of control and people are demanding instant action.

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