Top 5 Best Food Destinations in Lahore for Formal Gatherings


You have not ate happening food recently in Lahore, or planning for something to eat unusual than traditional dishes in Lahore, then this handy list of Top 5 Best Food Destinations In Lahore For Formal Gatherings must be brushed out for sure! To explore the different cuisines in this culinary center of Pakistan, let’s dive into list of Best Food Destinations In Lahore, which truly are a bit different than usual cuisines of Lahore, as sometimes, feeding your stomach is not enough, but we are talking about fancy sitting area, mouth-watering food and aura of the whole place making your food experience with friend n family a bit unique than casual bites.

5- Spice Bazaar, Lahore

For this place, all the food enthusiasts need to know just one thing that Spice Bazaar is truly a tribute to Pakistani local cuisines, giving them a touch of international plating standard, the food is served with great hospitality to depict Punjabi warmth, the real legacy of our country. Being perched out at high-end location of Lahore, MM Alam road, this restaurant is one of successful project of its owners, which was basically planned to offer best buffet and hi-tea services in the town, in affordable prices without lowering the quality of fine dining. Spending merely 1000 rupees per head to savor the scrumptious buffet is no doubt fair and economical in Lahore!

Honorable Mention: Another elite class yet affordable buffet-serving restaurant is Salt’n Pepper Village, in the same locality (MM Alam Rd) of Lahore.

4- Banera, Rooftop Restaurant, Lahore

Excluding some thick-heads, the fact is accepted by all food enthusiasts that apart from delicious flavors and aroma of the food, the serving size and dining area also matters in pleasing the hearts of food lovers. Banera, Rooftop Restaurant is kind of big treat in Lahore, for those people who expect things of next level while eating their food. From traditional Pakistani dishes to Chinese cuisines, this food destination is highly recommended in Lahore, deserving every penny spent for reveling in the maximum fun of dining under moonlight. What makes it best in Lahore is it is totally a family restaurant, allowing people of all ages to savor their favorite meals. Fast Food, Italian dishes, Chinese delicacies and Pakistani food is making this rooftop restaurant a hit in commercial area of Lahore.

3- Café Aylanto, Lahore

In Lahore, if your priority is to expect privacy then Café Aylanto must not be taken for granted at all. Popular for its romantic vibe and charismatic dining area, the café serves international cuisines in moderate serving size with artistic plating patterns. No doubt the prices for food are a bit high, but it is understood, you cannot eat lobster and Italian pasta in price of peanuts. Always busy but professionally handled, this café is ideal for romantic dinners or spending phenomenal dining experiences expecting the real blend of western food and conventional emotions.

2- Andaaz Restaurant, Lahore

Here comes Lahore’s best rooftop restaurant blessing the visitors to experience the rich history and cultural background of this city. Proudly installed within the territory of Walled city of Lahore, the restaurant is highly recommended for watching Badshahi Mosque and savoring whole old Lahore experience. Classical or Pakistani music in the background, panoramic view of Mughal architecture, aroma of barbecue and Pakistani food in the air is accompanied with finger-licking dishes, only to give ocean of flavors, for which spending money seems justified.

1- Monal, Lahore

Following the success of Monal Restaurant in Islamabad, Monal Lahore is installed basically in Lahore downtown, from where the whole Lahore’s view can be cherished. Being at 10th Floor, the restaurant is unavoidable for fun-seekers, proving itself a complete package of entertainment i.e. Food, background light music, indoor and outdoor dining option and top of all the hi-tea buffet availability makes Monal Lahore a real addition in Lahore delicacies. To experience the proximity of beautiful yet busy Lahore, it is best to visit the restaurant before sunset, witnessing nature taking rest and technology lightening up the whole city!

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