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For news channels, every minor happening will be news and it is there job to keep the masses updated with current affairs and happenings of the surrounding. But here today we have target the Top 10 Must-Known News Of March 2018-Pakistan, which have the potential to change the upcoming time in the country’s economy, politics and entertainment.

From start to the finish, whether the news revolves around Malala Yousafzai’s return to Pakistan or shoe hurled over former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, all of this Top 10 Must-Known News of March 2018-Pakistan will remark the memorable moments even after decades.

10- Actress Meera’s Double Nikah is Proven

The controversial Pakistani actress Meera is known for weird scandals, among which her double nikah was at the top of scandals heap from past few years. All this fuss started, when his first legal husband Atiq ur Rehman claimed that meera has not legally divorced him and married another man (Captain Naveed). His claim has finally proved true, when the marriage registrar authenticates her nikkah in court last week of March, 2018. According to the marriage registrar Hamid Khan, Meera’s nikkah with Attiq was performed in the presence of witnesses as per Islamic law, upon which her husband stated that; “Meera and my nikah were performed in presence of witnesses and it is registered in Union Council Makkah Colony’s record,” he said.

9- Bollywood Horror Movie ‘Pari’ Banned In Cinema

Featuring Anushka Sharma in the fictions-horror movie, Pari was banned to be released in Pakistan. Promoting the black magic and mythical ideologies of Jinns in Islam, the movie was claimed to have potential of stimulating the viewers in favor of black magic and promotes thoughts that are contradictory to our religion, stated CBFC.

8- Games Of Thrones: Season 8

The final season of HBO’s world-conquering fantasy series, Games of Thrones is about to end in 2019! In March, 2018, the first poster of final season 8 has been revealed, allowing the fans of this epic fantasy to dream of unveiled mysterious plot of last production.

7- Another 5 Year Old Angel Raped and Killed

The sadistic news has really broken the hearts of nation once again after the heart-rending news of rape and murder of Kasur’s Zainab, whose culprit is given sentence of 4 death penalties. But what a shame that this could not have saved another 5 year old Zainab of Zafarwal Tehsil of Norowal district in Punjab province. Subjected to sexual abuse in her own neighborhood, 5 year old Zainab’s dead body was found in trunk.

6- Pakistan TV Airs First Transgender Anchor

Making a positive move in society to save the rights of transgender, who sadistically are consider as X gender, a private TV channel has hired the Pakistan TV Airs First Transgender Anchor. Named, Marvia Malik, a journalism graduate has succeeded to break the taboo, securing respectable job on merit.

5- UN Security Council to meet on Gaza Clashes

An emergency meeting is held on Friday, to resolve the 2014 Gaza war, in which thousands of Palestine people are been killed by Israeli forces. At the request of Kuwait, the official meeting of UN Security Council is expecting the solution to stop Israeli attacks as the whole world condemned the killing of civilians in Gaza.

4- Former MQM Leader Dr. Amir Liaquat Joins Imran Khan

Calling it the final destination, the TV anchor cum politician Amir Liaquat has finally joined PTI, confusing the whole nation as in recent years; his only agenda was to bash Imran Khan, the party chief during his hate speech.

3- Islamabad United Won PSL 2018

The March, 2018 will be not be forgotten easily, as for cricket fans, the Asif Ali’s hat-trick of sixes and batting techniques will be memorable moments of 2018 year. The final PSL 2018 match was held in Karachi on March 25, where Islamabad United won the third edition of PSL, by three wickets against Peshawar Zalmi.

2- Shoe Attack on Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan

In the month of March, everything was going normal, the corruption cases and victory slogans when the show throwing streak caught momentum. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was about to address the gathering in Lahore Madrassa, where a seminary student threw shoe over Nawaz Sharif. The very other day, when Imran Khan, the party chief of PTI was addressing the masses during a rally in Gujrat, a man hurled show on Imran Khan that landed on PTI leader Aleem Khan’s chest and it was second incident of hitting Imran Khan following the incident in Faislabad in same week. Before this entire shoe streak, Khawaja Asif, the Foreign Minister and leader of PMLN was attacked with ink in Sialkot, when a middle-aged man threw ink on his face, in anger of changing the finality of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the Constitution by PMLN.

1-Malala Yousafzai is Back in Pakistan

For the first time in last 5 years, Malala Yousafzai has finally returned to hometown in Swat, Pakistan, in tight security after she was shot by the Taliban in 2012, for campaigning for female education.  Opposing her return in Pakistan, the private schools has celebrated 30th March, 2018 as “I Am Not Malala Day”, for the schools disagreed with her “anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan ideology.

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