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Why People Celebrate on 1st April – April Fool

April fool is now becoming a proper event and is celebrated by all the western and European countries. On this day, people play practical jokes and pranks to their friends, family, and strangers too. April fool is a person who is the victim of the prank or joke. Although it is considered as the fun process, sometimes it can harm us and over beloved ones. These practical jokes can physically, mentally and emotionally harm the people. Some people even call it an evil day. Today I am gonna tell you the History of April Fool.

April fool day

There are two Narratives famous for this. I am gonna explain each to explore the history so that you may know the facts.

Narrative 1:

Before 1560 DC, the new year start from April rather than January. On this day, people celebrate and share gifts with their beloved days. In 1582, a new calendar was introducing and there they mention January as the start month of the year. Some people refuse to accept January as the first month of the new year and they continue the celebration on the previous calendar. Gradually, this celebration takes the form of April fool.

Narrative 2:

The second narration is associated with the Muslims of Spain. In 1500 DC, the dominance of the Muslims came to an end and had to face brutal violence. They force Muslims to change their religion on which Muslims did not agree. They Abscond themselves by hiding their identities and started living with Christians. On first April, Spain government announces to send all the Muslims to Muslim countries, just for identifying the Muslims. Muslims quit the abscond and reach the Granada for traveling to Muslim countries as per government announcements.

All Muslims traveled through ships when they reach the mid of the sea, the Spanish people attack at the ships and martyred all the Muslims. There were thousands of Muslim women, children, old age, youngsters, all were drowned. After this incident, Spain celebrates this evil event of every year. Gradually, all European countries start to celebrate this day. Now, some Asian countries even Muslim countries started to celebrate this day.

The History of April fool is not so pleasant. So we should quit this because it can bother the people. I hope you like this great information. To get more, stay connected with us.

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