Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad (Must Visit Places)

All you need to know about Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

Dessert is the all-time favorite for the people of every age. When the talking is related to delicious Dessert, no one can stop to eat. The mouthwatering dessert is equally suitable for every occasion whether its someone’s birthday, marriage, casual party and formal gathering. No event is complete without super delicious Dessert. If you ever visit Islamabad, or you are the habitat of Islamabad, then these Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad requires a must try a visit.

Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad:

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad, along with complete detail such as location, menu, timing etc.

1.Tuscany Courtyard:

This amazing and wonderful dessert place is located at Kohsar Market F-6. This cafe is famous for the following delicious desserts such as chocolate skillet brownies, bread and butter pudding and strawberry Feuillet. Oven baked Pudding is served with the ice cream which doubles the taste of the pudding. The relaxing environment, best-serving methods, and yummy dessert double the fame of this amazing dessert place.   Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

2.Hot Spot:

Another famous and amazing foodie place in Islamabad is Hot Spot. This Dessert café has many branches in F-6, F7 and in centaurs. This dessert café is famous for the hot spot sundae, hotspot lava cake, and coffee cake.Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

3. Chaaye Khana:

This café is basically for coffee and food but their limited variety of Desserts is unmatchable. Their Mocha Ceramal, Toffee walnut crunch, chocolate, and Banana delight is tasteful and require one must try. The prices are reasonable but the taste is unforgettable.

Located in the middle of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, Chaaye Khana Islamabad is a famous tea house with a wide variety of teas and food. Chaaye Khana is an inviting spot in a busy neighborhood where you can unwind with a tasty meal or a cup of tea.

Featuring an exquisite selection of teas brewed to perfection from throughout the world, Chaaye Khana is the showpiece of this establishment. Tea connoisseurs can’t get enough of the vast variety on the market, which includes both traditional mixes like Masala Chai and Kashmiri Chai and more unusual ones like Moroccan Mint and Japanese Sencha.

With a menu that includes both traditional Pakistani meals and Western fare, Chaaye Khana has something for everyone’s taste buds, not to mention its extensive tea selection. Omelets, parathas, and pancakes are just a few of the hearty breakfast options available to guests. Throughout the day, they may also enjoy savory snacks like samosas, sandwiches, and wraps.

Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

4.The Burning Brownie:

Another appealing dessert place in Islamabad is the Burning brownie. As its name suggested, this includes a wide range of desert such as cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies etc. The burning brownie competes its competitor due to its delicious taste and of course reasonable prices. I suggest if you really want to enjoy the real dessert taste, this place is best to try.Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

5. Street One Cafe:

The beautiful and tasteful desert café is located in Kohsar Market F-6 Islamabad. If you are in search of best brownie, then let me tell you that, your journey had stopped due to this café. The baked fresh and delightful brownies that no other in the town could ever make. The Belgium Lava cake with double chocolate cake and Belgium chocolate oozing is really peerless.

In the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan, you’ll find the hip and happening Street One Cafe. Located in a prime spot, this cafe is a favorite with both locals and tourists for its lively ambiance, tasty food, and refreshing drinks.

Mediterranean and Continental flavors predominate on the cafe’s menu, which provides an eclectic mix of international cuisine. At Street One Cafe, you can get a broad variety of mouthwatering appetizers like bruschetta and mezze platters, as well as hefty main dishes including pastas, pizzas, and gourmet burgers.

The cafe is well-known not only for its delicious food but also for its wide variety of drinks. To wash down their food or sip on their own, customers can pick from a variety of beverages, including aromatic teas, freshly prepared coffees, mocktails, and milkshakes.

Top 5 Best Dessert Places Islamabad

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