Top 5 Best Hotels of Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan lies within the federal territory. It can be entitled as the most clean, calm and beautiful city of Pakistan. It won’t be an exaggeration, if Islamabad would be called the most decent patch of area in Asia someday. Islamabad is the melting pot of several cities that has sync different cultures, traditions and languages within its realm.

To be more precisely, it can be said that the people of different cities of Pakistan has signified the liveliness of Islamabad city from the past few decades. For the peace and nature lovers, Islamabad is a man-made little paradise, loaded with several soul-soothing places i.e. Rawal Lake, Lake View Park, Pir Sohawa, Daman-e-Koh and Margala Hills. Apart from these enchanting nature spots, Islamabad has got several man-made wonders (Lok Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument etc) that literally temps the local and foreign tourists for vacation purposes.

Here we have briefly listed the Top 5 Best Hotels of Islamabad, Pakistan, which genuinely served the visitors a warm welcome and outclass hospitality to contribute a significant part in their holiday time.

5- Hill View Hotel, Islamabad

Visitors choose to stay at Hill View Hotel, not for merely stereotypical features of great ambience, friendly staff and free high speed internet that any hotel would have. Interestingly this hotel located in markaz F-7, Islamabad attracts the visitors being a centrally located hotel. Nothing can be better than staying near the Jinnah Super Market of Islamabad at most reasonable price. Hill View Hotel concentrates to provide best services in affordable budget and it is merely few minutes away of walking distance from Islamabad attractions i.e. Margala hills and Faisal Mosque. The affordability and central location makes the Hill View Hotel an economically best choice for all people out there, who are fond of wandering in suitable budgets.

Located in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, the Hill View Hotel offers opulent accommodations. Situated in a picturesque setting, it provides guests with a calm atmosphere while offering spectacular views of the surrounding hills and rich foliage. Guests are sure to have a pleasant stay at this hotel because to its fashionable design, cutting-edge facilities, and outstanding service.

With its large accommodations, excellent dining options, and first-rate facilities, the Hill View Hotel is an inviting refuge for business and pleasure travelers alike. Travelers seeking both comfort and convenience will find it a perfect choice due to its accessible location, which offers quick access to important attractions and business centers in Islamabad.

4- Hotel One 7th Avenue, Islamabad

What can be more suitable than a family environment and Margala view in quite reasonable price.. Lying near the foothills of Daman-e-koh, Hotel One 7th Avenue, Islamabad is a promising place to provide unbelievable discounts, cooperative staff and best facilities of clean rooms, high standard bathroom amenities in super fine budget.

3- Envoy Continental Hotel, Islamabad

Perched out in the famous Blue Area, Islamabad, Envoy Continental Hotel is known for hygienic and delicious food. Even if you are planning to prolong your stay in Islamabad up to several weeks, this hotel won’t be too expensive.

The hotel is truly recommended for business trip as it is quite affordable and remarks upgraded services. Envoy Continental Hotel is ideally located in business hub of Islamabad city, making it an awesome choice for business meetings and professional conferences. Even if you are not planning to walk through furnished corridors of hotel, do not miss the Gloria coffee jeans of Envoy Continental Hotel, Islamabad.

2- Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Islamabad Marriott Hotel is listed as five start hotel for elite and diplomatic class, because of affordability. It may be a bit expensive but Islamabad Marriott Hotel definitely worth every penny. The hotel is highly recommended for long stays, as it serves great ambience, high security system and great interiors. The clean and cozy rooms make you feel classy and comfortable in Islamabad Marriott Hotel.

Perched out over Aga Khan Road, at the footsteps of Margala Hills, Islamabad Marriott Hotel is known for its exotic Italian restaurants and a club (reserved for foreigners only).  Loaded with exciting features of indoor pool, fitness center, mini bar and outstanding variety of restaurants, Islamabad Marriott Hotel is proudly lying within the enchaining scenery of Islamabad city.

1-Serena Hotel, Islamabad

While wandering around the Serena Hotel, Islamabad, you might strike with elite class models or Pakistani celebrities. It is officially listed as most luxurious hotel of Islamabad city. The hotel is surrounded with a high iron fence and multiple checks points-on brief notes, Serena Hotel is well guarded empire.

Serena Hotel is artistically decorated with pink-tingled chandeliers and fabulous art work on walls, carved elegantly. The hotel promises to serve an unforgettable service and highly professional staff. Do not miss the Asian restaurant and international cuisines, as they would be exceptional enough to surprise your taste buds for long time. No doubt, the hotel is a bit expensive and fancy, but that is what a five star hotel located near Margala Hills is supposed to be!

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