Top 5 Destinations For Tourists In Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley

Pakistan is perhaps amongst the most accommodating and fascinating countries for tourists and adventure-seeking individuals. Pakistan is brimful of glorious mountains, enchanting valleys, alluring rivers and spellbinding lakes. Northern Pakistan, apart from being insanely beautiful, is also inhabited by extremely friendly and cooperative locals, which makes it the ideal place for tourists.

Kaghan valley is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. This widespread valley is known due to the highly-commercialized town of Naran however, this valley contains tons of other mesmerizing tourist spots, which are too good to ignore.

Below is a list of the top 5 tourist spots to visit in Kaghan Valley

  1. Lulusar Lake

The magnificent Lulusar lake is situated around 50 Km from the market of Naran. This lake is known for its glorious turquoise-coloured crystal-clear water and snow-capped peaks in its vicinity. The lake is also widely recognized in terms of importance as it is the main source of water for the River Kunhar.
Lulusar lake is barely commercialized, that makes it a great spot to spend some quality time.

  1. Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Saif-ul-Malook lake is widely known for its picturesque sceneries and its vicinity.  This lake is located just around 8 km away from Naran. The journey uphill there is somewhat thrilling and the view up there is breathtaking.
Another amazing view offered by this spot is that of Malika Parbat. On a clear day, you can spot the highest peak of the valley behind the hills surrounding this lake.
A bare 1 hour jeep ride takes you to the spot, making it quite accessible to everyone. This lake is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in the whole valley.

  1. Shogran

Shogran is another beautiful place for tourists. It is known for its lush greenery, mostly consisting of pine and magnificent views of some well-known peaks including the Makra and MKM peaks. The picturesque meadows of Shogran offer captivating views and sceneries with clouds intruding your surroundings.
Apart from that, Shogran is also the base camp for various treks including the MKM trek, Makra trek and Siri Paye trek.

  1. Lalazar

The amazing meadows of Lalazar are located about 20 km from Naran. Lalazar offers breathtaking sceneries of clouds, snow-capped peaks, hills, and pines. The flora of Lalazar is also worth mentioning. Lalazar offers a relaxing atmosphere and chilly weather, away from the busy and highly-commercialized life in cities.

Located in the Kaghan Valley, Lalazar is a stunning tourist destination in Pakistan’s gorgeous mountain range. Lalazar, in the Kaghan Valley, is well-known for its beautiful scenery, verdant fields, and sweeping vistas of the neighboring mountains. In Lalazar, tourists can feel at home with nature as they stroll along picturesque paths and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

An abundance of plant and animal life gives the region its unique character. Visitors can enjoy picnics, photography, and leisure at Lalazar, a peaceful haven away from the city. Lalazar in Kaghan Valley is sure to be an experience to remember for anyone seeking nature, adventure, or just some quiet time in beautiful surroundings.

  1. Aansu Lake

This lake is one of a kind. The magnificent Aansu lake is known for its rare and unique tear-shaped appearance. It remains frozen for most part of the year however, is accessible in summers.
Even though this lake is not easily accessible and requires trekking to reach there, the views upon approaching the lake are totally worth the struggle.
As it is difficult to approach and offers absolutely no place to stay, it would definitely fascinate adventure-seekers as the sceneries and the camping sites are heavenly.
Trekkers heading for this lake are supposed to carry their own camping materials and food and are advised to acquire the services of a guide.

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