Top 5 Best Places to Eat in Lahore in Cheap Rates

‘Lahore, Lahore Hai’, every Pakistani must have heard this phrase for once in lifetime, as it is known as proud slogan of Lahori people when they try to embark significant impression of Lahore city over you! And people often reckon for few seconds that what makes Lahori people so proud about their Lahore city.. Well, Lahore is worldwide famous for absorbing rich history and architectural assets and apart from brimmed with Lal Masjid and Shahi Killa stuff, Lahore is known for delicious and spicy food.

Imagine you are wandering in the world, hungry and helpless and you are given a chance to choose a place to sit even at 3am. You must choose Lahore city, as it is 1000% guarantee that you will get scrumptious meals of high quality and cheap rate.

Here we have short-listed the Top 5 Best Places To Eat In Lahore In Cheap Rates…it is to be noted that these following places are best café and restaurants of Lahore city which will be a blessing in disguise for  foody people of Lahore who are always in mood to surprise their taste buds.

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1 – Fort Road Food Street, Lahore

Fort Road Food Street of Lahore is best place to have continental food in best rates. What can be better than witnessing Lahori cultural diversity and panoramic views of Badshahi Masjid, Shahi Qila & Minar-e-Pakistan from Top of the Restaurant… You can get infinite options of BBQ, Chicken Karhahi, Mutton Karhahi, Kashmiri Chai, Kheer and Kulfi. Menu of Food Road Street, Lahore cannot be written here, as the whole place is loaded with Old multistoried houses turned into established and colorful restaurants to serve best hospitality and great dine with sightseeing experience at Lahore.

2- Flavors of Lahore, Lahore

In the busy and busty Lahore city, Flavors of Lahore is the perfect place to experience elite class ambiance and sophisticated environment. This place has put a lot of effort to make the staff maximum friendly and you can delicious and hygienic desi food in reasonable prices in few minutes. Flavors of Lahore located at Al-Hafeez Heights, Main Ghalib Road, Gulberg III is best place to hang out and have desi buffet with friends and family, as the color combination of café-cum restaurant is soul soothing and suits to your limited budget.

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3- Shahi Bethak , Lahore

Lying near Dehli Darwaza, Lahore, Shahi Bethak is renowned restaurant for having shahi hamam and desi food over there. People having dream to experience the royalty and historical interest, Shahi Bethak is perfect for them, as it promises royalty and finest food quality in reasonable price.

4- Tierra Nuestra, Lahore

As the name suggests, this is not some desi restaurant at all, in Lahore city, Tierra Nuestra is the only place to taste divine and wide quality of cuisines. No matter, you choose, Thai or Chinese, you will end up eating dynamite prawns, mint margarita Korean chicken, beef chili as the place relaxes mind and body with soft music and great décor. The place is highly recommended for formal family dinners as it is all about Vietnamese fish, chicken tempura, Korean chicken, Guangzhou beef and assorted salads. Lahori Spice, Lahore.

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5- Lahori Spice, Lahore

Perched out over Lahore Bedian Road near DHA Phase 5 & 6

Lahore, this place is serving traditional Lahori food and wide menu of continental cuisines. If someone is craving for spicy biryani, chicken karahi and pizza, Lahori Spice is right there for you to serve you the lifetime fun. Do not forget the cheese naan and mutton chops, which is a must try of this place.

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