Top 5 Best Shadi Halls in Karachi, Pakistan


No matter if you are boy or girl belongs to middle class or elite class, you must have thought of your wedding venue for once! Talking about a normal human being, not the weird creeps. And after choosing a life-partner and a wedding gown, wedding venue is the most lust-worthy part of any marriage.

Today we have narrow listed the Top 5 Best Shadi Halls In Karachi, Pakistan, which are all about making your wedding memorable! Keeping in mind the concept of traditional as well as modern weddings in Pakistan, we have ranked best shadi halls of Karachi for making your big day a happy memory for next 50 years to come.Shadi Hall

1- The Clifton Marquee, Karachi

A banquet hall in Karachi, perched out in Clifton F-69 Block 4 is all about excellent decorations of fancy lamps, candle wall and cocktail mirror table, floral arrangements and superb food. Located in the most safest and secure area of Clifton, Karachi, this wedding hall is designed to entertain 500 to 1000 guests at one time.

2- Karachi Marriot Hotel

Located in Abdullah Haroon road, Karachi Marriot Hotel is a prestigious and modern hotel featuring suites, balconies, dining areas and a lounge offering beverages and snacks. Apart from being resting heaven of elite class, Karachi Marriot Hotel is entertaining outclass weddings too. Marriot is a brand now, which has make its reputation for modern furniture, security and professional staff. The hotels believe that the perfect weddings do not just happen, but they are planned though! For making your big day happening as fairy tale, Marriot hotel is promising shadi hall of Karachi for offering most beautiful pillar less ballroom for weddings and air-conditioned marquee sufficient for 800 people. Food, table settings, floral decorations and exotic courtesies with a complimentary breakfast in bed for the couple includes Karachi Marriot Hotel among top of notch in best shadi halls of Karachi.

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3- Courtyard Venues, Karachi

With a touch of nature, natural plants, birds and foliage, Courtyard Venues, located at Alamgir road, Karachi is experienced to live up your dream wedding. What can be better than buffets, desert trolleys in a wedding? Well, Courtyard Venues promise to make culinary experience efficient and tasteful along with music system romancing with the moods. This shadi hall is good value for money, offers unique décor, buffet system and luxurious ambience to accommodate small intimate affairs to large gala banquets with up to 450 guests.

4- The Palace, Karachi

Lying in the North Nizamabad, Karachi, the marriage hall is designed to absorb up to 1200 guests. The banquet does have an parking issue, but it still excites the visitors for having very spacious and high ceilings. To celebrate your wedding with grandeur and extravagance, this shadi hall of Karachi is trained to provide royal theme for your big day! Décor, table settings, trained staff and top the most, FOOD is out of this world. Everything at this shadi hall, from a single stair to a plate of scrumptious kebabs is value for money in the palace, Karachi.

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5-Pearl Banquet, Karachi

To invest your money blindly, to make your wedding a fairy tale, pearl banquet at Karachi should be your first choice. Yes, of course when you do not have time to wreck your mind with wedding planners. The only way to give life to your dreamy wedding is trusting Pearl Banquet! White décor, dancing floor, state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, stunning chandeliers and finger-licking food will be enough to make your guests celebrate along with passing good wishes to start a new chapter of life. To hold up to 400 guests, this shadi hall is promising to offer great ambience and unforgettable warm hospitality.

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