Top 5 Best Hotels in Karachi, Pakistan

Few decades ago no one would have ever imagined that Karachi would turn out as a melting pot of Pathans, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Afghani people, out of a small fishing village Kolachi. Well, Karachi has absorbed diverse cultures, countless spoken languages and brilliant architectural heritage, being one of the largest cities of world.

This largest Muslim city is lying over the Arabian Sea and serving economy of Pakistan as largest revenue city and transport hub of the country. Entitled as ‘Roshniyon ka Shehar (City of Lights)’, Karachi is known as Paris of Asia. Apart from being business hub of Pakistan, Karachi is loaded with preferential tourist attractions i.e. Mohatta Palace, Clifton Beach, Karachi  Safari Park and many more, to tempt local and foreign visitors.

Here we have short-listed the Top 5 Best Hotels In Karachi, Pakistan which literally pamper guests and visitors with excellent hospitality and outclass services in affordable rates and charges to provides the lifetime thrill of Karachi city.

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5- Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi

Being the first choice for business meetings and family events, Beach Luxury Hotel is ideally located near Port Grand, far away from busy traffic of Karachi city. Beach Luxury Hotel is no doubt a 3 star hotel of Karachi city, but it promises you to provide friendly and fresh atmosphere and best possible facilities of clean rooms, outclass bathroom amenities, lush garden and delicious food in very affordable price. Perched out over M.T. Khan Road, Karachi, Beach Luxury Hotel is promising choice for best sea food and low rates for night stays.

4- Ramada Creek Hotel, Karachi

In a city of busy traffic, Ramada Creek Hotel is easily accessible for people in search of comfortable night stays and hygienic food in reasonable rates. Lying over the Zulfiqar Street, Karachi, Ramada Creek Hotel is all about panoramic sea views and great affordability of dining and room services. For the family dinners, Ramada Creek Hotel is highly recommended as it works to provide innovated food in low prices without lowering the quality.

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3- Avari Towers, Karachi

Avari Towers Karachi is among the real assets of this big city, located at the Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi. Avari Towers Karachi is counted as the classy hotel of Pakistan, being known for luxury suites and spacious dining hall. All the 236 bedrooms along with mini bar attract foreigners and elite class to enjoy the five star facilities in Karachi city. Standing proudly in Sadar Bazar, Avari Towers Karachi is known for Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The hotel truly deserves each penny spent on it, the great ambiance, high-class atmosphere and excellent food is trade mark of Avari Towers Karachi.

2- Karachi Marriott Hotel

This five star hotel of Karachi serves the extraordinary services to guests, without discriminating the elite and middle class visitors. Lying over the Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi Marriott Hotel is surrounded by Mazar-e-Quaid mausoleum and Jinnah International Airport. The hotel is a total perfection of decorated and furnished rooms and scrumptious meals and dining cuisines.

This high-class hotel is being used for business conferences and fairy tale weddings at crystal ballroom and marquee which is designed in laborious way to accommodate more than 1000 people. For the first class quality and five star services, Karachi Marriott Hotel is the wise choice for family dinners, high security, luxurious and comfortable and prompt room services by cooperation and highly-trained staff. Rates might feel a bit expensive for night stays, but it should be experienced for once in lifetime, as it will simply make you feel pampered.

1-Pearl Continental Karachi

As this name of hotel is read or heard, it is easy to understand that pearl continental is a known five star hotel chain of Pakistan. In Karachi city, Pearl Continental is located in an iconic commercial centre, near Club Road, Karachi. What can be expected by a fiver star hotel.. Courteous staff, luxurious rooms, spacious parking lot, best ever restaurants and all the five star services of swimming pool, spa, gym and being centrally located, Pearl Continental Karachi is a real thing for dining, elite class weddings and family functions and cozy environment to relax every single limb of your body in busty Karachi City.

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