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Historic Patriot National Songs for Pakistan Independence Day

Independence Day of any country has many importance in the history of the country. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated on 14th August in every year. Many functions are conducted in schools, colleges and universities for celebrating this special day. The patriotic songs have the ability to change the nation’s thinking. These historic songs boosted the people during wars. Now these songs are also played behind Pakistan’s sports campaigns as in Cricket, Hockey and Squash. Here are the best national songs for Pakistan Independence Day which truly increase the spirit of independence.

Pakistan Independence Day

National Songs for Pakistan Independence Day

The celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day is incomplete without the national songs. These are the tribute not just for makers of the country’s independence but also those patriots and armed man who sacrificed their lives protecting this sacred land.

1. Dil Dil Pakistan

One of the most famous national song should be on top of the list. Celebrate the Pakistan Independence Day with this song. This song is written and composed by Shoaib Mansoor and released in 1987 from the band’s debut album ‘Vital Signs 1’. Late Junaid Jamshed sung this song in his beautiful voice.

2. Mera Inaam Pakistan

This decade year old song released in 1997 and composed by Niaz Ahmed. Sung by Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

3. Ae Watan Paak Watan

This beautiful song is composed by Nisar Bazmi and sung by the Late Amanat Ali Khan.

4. Ye Watan Hmara Hai

The voice of Mehdi Hassan holds the purest feelings and you can almost taste the sweetness of this song.

5. Hum Zinda Qoum hain

This patriotic song is sung by Tehseen Javed, Amjad Hussain and Benjamin Sisters. Released in 1973 and composed by Nisar Bazmi.

6. Jazba-e-Junoon

Released in 1996 by Janoon band’s song “Jazba-e-Janoon”. It is called the greatest rock hit patriotic song in Pakistan’s music history.

7. Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan

The song was written by Nawabzada Mirza Jamiluddin Ahmed Khan. One of the oldest and famous patriotic anthems in Pakistan is Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan. It was released in 1965 at the time of Pakistan & India war.

8. Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo

This song was firstly sung by Naseem Begum in the war of 1965. Later on Noor Jahan and many other playback singers gave the song their voice. Amjad Sabri sung this patriotic song in his voice to give the new color.

9. Junoon Se Or Ishq Se

One of the most famous and heartwarming song for Pakistan Independence Day. This song has the marvelous lyrics sung by many different singers of Pakistan.

10. Is Parcham K Saye Talay

This is also the most played song for Pakistan Independence Day by Benjamin Sisters. Mostly this song is sung in schools by standing under the huge green flag in different provinces.

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