List of Visa Free Countries for Pakistan 2024 – Must Visit Countries

Get Ready for a Tour in Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

Probably you will find traveling on the wish list of many people. As being a Pakistan, it’s not always easy to pack a bag and just leave. Instead, we have a proper visa process which is a tedious work. Many people cancel their plan due to the non-issuance or late issuance of the visa. But here are some countries which overcome this visa process and offer free visa for Pakistan. The list of visa free countries for Pakistan is really something you must consider while planning any trip.

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan:

These are the Visa Free Countries for Pakistan, get ready to visit these place. You don’t need any visa for the visit. Instead, you should have a passport and ticket and that’s all.

1. Dominica:

In this beautiful and small country, Pakistanis can visit without any visa. All you need a passport and a ticket for this. This country is located in Caribbean island having the small population which is approximately 74 thousand. You can stay in this country for 21 days only. The specialty of this country is the sandy beach and amazing atmosphere.

Travelers from Pakistan should bear in mind a few key points before setting foot on the island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean. Dominica is a popular spot for ecotourists and adventurers thanks to its verdant woods, beautiful waterfalls, and volcanic terrain. Unfortunately, Pakistani tourists need to check the visa requirements and gather all the required documents before they plan their trip.

For the most current information on visa requirements and application processes, Pakistani passport holders should contact the Dominican embassy or consulate in their local location. Also, before you go, make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as proof of finances, a return or onward ticket, and your hotel reservation.

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

2. Micronesia:

Another wonderful and amazing visa-free country in Pakistan is Micronesia. This country has almost 600 small islands on the Pacific Ocean. The best thing about this country is palm trees, sandy and beautiful beaches, cultural values and dives. Pakistani can visit in this country without any visa for one month only.

The four independent states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia are Kosrae, Yap, Chuuk, and Pohnpei. Travelers seeking adventure and exploration will find Micronesia to be a one-of-a-kind destination, renowned for its beautiful coral reefs, pristine waterways, and rich cultural legacy.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, and cultural experiences are just a few of the many things that visitors to Micronesia can partake in. Visitors to Micronesia may expect a wide range of experiences thanks to the islands’ unique customs, landscapes, and cultures.

Travelers should familiarize themselves with Micronesia’s entrance criteria, visa laws, and travel advisories before to their journey. While experiencing the wonderful hospitality of the Micronesian people, visitors should also be mindful of and respectful of local traditions and customs. In sum, a trip to Micronesia is an experience you won’t soon forget, thanks to its beautiful landscapes and fascinating civilizations.

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan


This country is located near Australia and offers visa-free entry for Pakistani. The region is surrounded by beautiful beaches, thousands of islands and landscapes. Pakistani can stay here for one month just with passport and ticket. This is small and is not a well-known country but it must require a visit.

4. Haiti:

This country is located in the Caribbean and with a total population of 1.5 million. One can visit this country without any visa for a maximum of 3 months. It is the most popular place and must be added to the wish list. The beautiful natural and artificial places and islands make it more beautiful.Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

5.Trinidad and Tobago:

This beautiful and visa-free country for Pakistan located in near America is Trinidad and Tobago. The official language of this is English and the population is around 1.2 million. You can stay in this country for almost one month and can extend if you want.

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