PCB Issued Notice to Umer Akmal for match fixing claims against Indians


I get offers to fix the match against Indian, said Umer Akmal

Pakistan’s most out of the box cricketer, Umer Akmal is again on top of the news. He always used to say controversial things against his colleagues and seniors. Many time PCB issued the notice to her against her hate speech. But he doesn’t even care about this and repeat such stuff again and again. This time he imposes a blame on Indian match-fixers. On Sunday 0evening, he was called on the interview where he reveals some truth of her career. Further, he said; he was approached by match-fixers twice in ICC cricket world cup 2015.Umer Akmal

He said; “I had an offer from fixers. They asked me to leave two balls and for that, they were willing to pay me $200,000. But did not accept their offer at all. It was our first match against India during ICC world cup 2015.”

He also said that; “Similar offers have been offered to many in the past”. He also said that “When we are playing against India, they asked me to drop two balls during the match. They asked me to make some excuses against this. But I told them that, I am committed with Pakistan only. I also said; don’t ever try to approach me with such offers again”. He also said that he informs PCB about such offers in past.

The response of ICC:

When the interview of the 28 years old batsman, Umer Akmal aired, ICC also issued his notification and said that; “ICC is aware of the exclusive umar’s Interview. We have never found any claims against spot-fixing. It is always required by players to report such incidents in a timely manner.” They also said that they this statement hurts their efforts to make this game corruption free. We are taking comments of Akmal very serious.

PCB Issued Notice:

By seeing the reaction of ICC and Akmal’s statements, they send a notification to Umer on 25th June 2018. They asked him to appear before 27th July 2018. He has to clear his statements before Anti Corruption Unit before the required date. But the main thing is that it is not yet clear that Umer has previously reported about this or not.

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