Sana Mir Criticized Mahira Khan ads of unrealistic beauty standards


Sana Mir Criticized Mahira Khan ads and Advertisers for brainwashing of Young Girls

The former Pakistani cricket team Captain Sana Mir criticized Mahira Khan ads for showing unrealistic beauty standards. Furthermore, she slams the advertisement companies for diverting the mind of young girls from inner talent to outer beauty.

To look beautiful and young is the wish of everyone. Every brand, sponsors, celebrities are promoting beauty and “soft skin” every time. A very few time we have seen any celebrity promotes the talent, inner beauty, and skills of a person. Finally, a renewed Pakistani cricket team captain spoke about it. The 32 years old Sana Mir is the former captain of Pakistani female cricket team. Sana Mir criticized Mahira Khan ads, advertisement companies, celebrities, and sponsors who are brainwashing the girls to focus on their beauty rather than focusing on their skills and talent.

Sana Mir criticized Mahira Khan ads:

She criticizes the Ad of Mahira Khan in which she portrayed that beauty is necessary for playing and even sports girls change their mind to get “Soft Skin” like Mahira’s. She slums the hair removal of Mahira Khan for promoting unnecessary and unworkable beauty standards in her commercial.
Sana Mir posted on Facebook that “we have seen a bundle of the post in which we show our anger. We hardly see any sponsorship and celebrity who is motivating the girls for being comfortable in their own skin”.  She further said that “the young girls who are aimed to launch at the sports, are being persuaded by the companies calming for giving them beautiful skin”.

Mir said that the campaign of both countries, Pakistan and India, is to endorse the concern of the girls towards their skin color rather than motivating them to fulfill their dreams. Instead of satisfying the young girls of their skin and texture, our celebrities are forcing them to take care of their beauty.
Sana said that” In my 12- year career as a cricketer, I have been offered to endorse the products who claim to give the beautiful skin to the girl. I never accepted these offers as these unrealistic beauty standards are of no value for me. Furthermore, she said that why the inner capabilities and a talent of any girl are not enough to play. There are many famous sports icon who got fame due to their performance and capabilities not for the color of their skin.

At the last, Sana Mir requested by saying that I request to all the sponsors and celebrities to make the girls confident by diverting their focus on performance rather than self-consciousness.

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