Veena Malik’s Return to Show Biz After Three Years Gap


Veena Malik, a famous actor and model is coming back to industry, is viral news nowadays as she stated three years ago, “I have quit the show-biz industry. From now onwards, I will not perform in Pakistani and Indian movies and plays.” According to her she is transformed by heart as she got influenced by Islamic teachings. She claimed to be taught by one of our respected scholar consequently she quit the glamorous world of film industry and started living a complete different life. But now it is reported that Veena Malik is reviving with a latest music video launch. She has decided to start her career again as an actor in show biz after a long period gap of three years.

During these three years she is also been stayed front line news on all media sources because of her sulky marriage relationship. She married to a business man cum musician in 2013. She also performed Umrah in 2014. After three years Veena Malik demanded for divorce last month. Also our religious scholar Mufti Naeem put his all effort to patch up differences between Veena and Asad, for this he tried for three months to reconsider their divorce plans. Veena is taking a new turn in her life to start a new phase after separation.

It is believed that this music video is her come back to show biz. Hoever it is worth sharing here that in 2016 while talking to reporters she expressed her feelings in a way that she is willing to join the Jamia Binoria al Aalmia to get education from the Islamic institute. Durig one of her conferences she told,

“I had started reading Islamic books given to me by Junaid Jamshed when I was expecting after which I decided that one day I will seek Islamic education from Binoria University.”

Let us watch what is she going to present after her return. Expectedly she will be facing strong criticism for this revival.

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