The Best and Worst Pakistani Movies Released on Eid (Review)

Pakistani Movies Released on Eid – Who Won? Who Lose? Total Business of 3 Days?

Finally, the excitement and craze of Eid celebration have come to an end. To doubles the enjoyment of Eid, many filmmakers always prefer to launch their movies at special events. This year, many Pakistani movies were released on Eid-ul-Fitr who proved as the biggest blockbuster. But some movies also proved as the biggest disappointment and listed them in the line of flop movies.

Best and Worst Pakistani Movies:

This short reviews of the movie will try to deliver the main reason behind the success and defeat as well as earning of the movie.

1. Na Band Na Barati:

Perhaps this movie is the biggest disappointment of the year and is near to be considered a flop movie. The movie is based on Canadian family of Pakistan and their social life in a foreign country. But this comedy movie unable to make a room in the fan’s heart and hence proved as worst movie. The biggest mistake in the movie is; giving the lead role to new face “Shayan Khan”. He is given even a main role in the movie over the experienced and talented Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi. One good thing in this movie is the acing and superb dialogue delivery of Ali Kazmi. Rest of the factors of the movie make it worse.
The Approximate Business -> 50 – 60 Lacs as a whole.

2. Wajood:

This movie even can make significant business in the launch of first two days. Beyond the promotions and teasers, this movie cannot make enough business. Even the experienced actor named Danish Tamoor, who gives many successful movies, cannot make it successful. It is as partial flop movie of this Eid due to the most successful movies like Azadi and 7 Din Muhabbat In.
The Approximate Business -> 1.5 Crore (likely to be increased).

 3. Azaadi:

Another movie who become successful and earned a lot of fame is Azaadi. This movie is staring the gorgeous Sonia Hussain and experienced Muammar Rana. The factors that make this movie even a greatest blockbuster is the well-scripted story. Moreover, the cast, dialogues, and scene all were awesome. As a whole, this movie is at the number 2nd when talking about top best Eid Movies.
The Approximate Business -> 2.5 Crore (likely to be increased).

4. 7 Din Muhabbat in:

The most successful movie of this festive is 7 Din Muhabbat In. However, the exceptional cast, best dialogues delivery, the beautiful story makes it epic of the year. Especially the appearance of a transgender model in the movie and acting skills of the Mahira khan is appreciated.
The Approximate Business -> 3.5 Crore (likely to be increased).
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