WhatsApp Security is Under Question, A New Flaw Discovered by Researchers

Is WhatsApp Security Really High? Get to Know About Another Security Flaw

No one is unaware about the popularity of the WhatsApp, as it has become the world’s number one chatting and messaging application. Every third person in the world is using WhatsApp as a primary chatting application. But WhatsApp security is under question due to the identification of a new flaw in this. Israeli cybersecurity firm has identified a biggest WhatsApp security flaw in their recent report. Although the authority is trying to overcome this issue, it still exists.WhatsApp Security

Recently, the WhatsApp is badly criticized in India as 20 people have died till the current date. Moreover, child kidnapping, blackmailing and some other viral crimes. All of this is happening due to the false information sharing in the WhatsApp groups. After that, they have performed many activities and actions to secure the WhatsApp. For example, the admin controls of groups, limiting the forward messages, and prevention of false information but the situation is still worsening.  WhatsApp Security

WhatsApp Security Flaw:

Through this flaw, the attackers and hackers can access your WhatsApp. Moreover, they can edit and send actions to others that actually you have never performed. Once they get into your WhatsApp, they can compromise the WhatsApp security and can lead to the following threats;WhatsApp Security

  • Access the WhatsApp.
  • Edit or Modify the Messages (Sent or Received).
  • Send the Message to the people without Your Consent.
  • Creation and distribution of false information.
  • Both group and Individual Messages can be affected by this.

Statements by WhatsApp:

Although WhatsApp has issued a statement regarding WhatsApp Security and they said that;

 We have reviewed this issue very deeply and we have come to know that this issue is same as email forwarding issue. When the email is modified and sent to others whereas the person has never written this.

Moreover, WhatsApp have cleared their position and said that;

This claim is not valid for WhatsApp as we use end to end encryption. The receiver will receive the same thing that the sender has to send through this feature. Only the sender and receiver a read and send the messages.

However, this is just a claim by WhatsApp and they have not provided the complete detail regarding this. This feature is already enabled in WhatsApp but still, it has some issues associated with it which should be tackled.

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