“When I sexually abused it was by my Kari Sahab” – Nadia Jamil Tweets


Children have been sexually assaulted for a long time, but the recent incident of a girl Zainab who had raped and killed. That girl with the age of 7 left the entire nation to unite and awake on this issue of child abuse. We have seen that all Pakistanis are standing against child abuse in which a common man and celebrities both are included.

All the celebrities and famous personalities no matter from which field and area they are from standing against it and making protests and all possibilities to get justice. They are on the roads and doing conferences and putting their contribution to make all possible safety precautions for future.


However, along with all these efforts, they also come forward with their personal bad experiences from their childhood. All celebrities are now forcing on one point, to not feel shame in sharing such incidents if ever happened to anyone and give awareness to your child.

Nadia Jamil shared her incident of being sexually abused when she was only four years old by her Kari Sahab. She explained her thoughts and experience in her tweets, which have been highly appreciated by people to come forward and share such thing without hesitation. In her tweets, she said that her family was not allowing her to make it public but she refused and talked about it bravely, highly appreciated!

A random boy dare to talk about his incident

After this step by Nadia Jamil, many victims who are still in the trauma and under social pressure would get out of that box and talk about it. This is essential to talk about this reality and get unite to beat it.


We as a society should stand with the victims and their families and raise voice against the criminals. Stop pressurizing the victims under so-called social norm!

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