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All About Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program in Pakistan 2018…!

Pakistan’s leading Telecom Company Zong is providing the best call, SMS and Internet services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. Zong is not only providing the best services in Pakistan but also many opportunities for bright future of young generation. It offers many educational programs for the fresh graduates. Now it started a program named Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program for the fresh graduates. The 50 new graduates are entered in this Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program for leading the digital innovation in Pakistan. These trainee are selected from different fields of education and the duration of this program is 1 to 1.5 years.

All about Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program

Today a talented group of youth has joined Pakistan’s leading data network Zong 4G. This group is selected under Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program. Only 50 new graduates are selected for this program from different universities of Pakistan.

They can get the effective skills and become the leaders of tomorrow in different fields through Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program 2018 as:

  • Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology

Zong 4G's Graduate Trainee Program

Purpose of Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program

The main purpose behind the selection of these talented graduates is to encourage them and providing the best opportunities for entering into the corporate world. They can get more skills and experiences in their practical world and become more professional in their career.

Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program is of 1 to 1.5 year program for train the graduates. The goal of this program is to provide the deep knowledge with real-time learning by project management and more exposure. This program also include the behavioral development that would help trainees in raising the important business skills. So that they know about digital and industrial ecosystem. All these would help them to make the real leaders of tomorrow.

Recruitment Process of Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program

The recruitment for this trainee program has been conducted in a well-structured and comprehensive way. As firstly an Aptitude Test would be conducted for selection of the talented youth. After this assessment center and penal interviews were also conducted for knowing their real abilities and knowledge.

The company received more than 18000 applications from applicants for this trainee program. A large number of graduates applied for Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program but only few (50) are selected after a recruitment process. Company selected only those candidates who are the finest graduates for become them the leaders of tomorrow. The chosen talented graduates can become the successors and achieve the vision of Zong 4G as Leading the Digital Innovation in Pakistan.

Zong 4G's Graduate Trainee Program

Zong Telecom Company every year introduced the new programs for the talented fresh graduates to encourage them and provides the best opportunities of seeking knowledge. Through these trainee programs Zong is making the dreams of people in real life. This Zong 4G’s Graduate Trainee Program would also helpful to promote the Telecom Sector through more young talent.

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