Ahsan Tahir : A 13 Year Old Pakistani Hacker is Helping Google & Microsoft


Have you ever heard that a 13-year-old kid has become an expert hacker? Let us talk about Ahsan Tahir from Pakistan.

Ahsan Tahir

Hacking is the word which tastes bitter for some people, whereas others are desperate about learning to hack. The term is associated with IT (information Technology) field. Basically, there are two types of hackers, the good ones (ethical) and the bad ones (non-ethical).

Hackers are the people who use various techniques to hack websites. Moreover, hacking usually incorporates of malicious access or login to certain website or websites, vulnerabilities and the bugs that ruin the site content etc.

To deal with this problem another group of hackers is used to save the hacked website. We are not going write details about the hackers and different techniques of hacking.

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Ahsan Tahir is a 13-year-old kid & the one for whom the top technology companies usually look for whenever their websites got hacked. The young techie from Karachi is schooling some of the biggest technology companies when it comes to cybersecurity.

Ahsan Tahir

Ahsan Tahir, an “ethical hacker”, is helping with his hacking skills to tech firms to discover bugs and vulnerabilities in their websites which can be used to create security patches.

Most importantly, this 13-year kid is a self-taught hacker, who has learned to hack through YouTube videos and reading blogs about hacking. Moreover, his first most hacking experiment was on his own website at the tender age of 12.

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This kid is now a rising star in the cyber security realm, spotting bugs for companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Ahsan Tahir said while speaking to NBC News:
“The more hackers there are, the more bugs are found, and the more secure companies are. It’s simple.”

Ahsan Tahir is earning money by finding bugs, meanwhile, other kids of his age are spending their time playing videos games. Moreover, this young genius has planned his future as a software engineer and starting up his own company.

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