How to get China visa from Pakistan

China is arguably the closest and friendliest country to Pakistan but let’s see how easy it is to get a visa to China.


There are four categories of Chinese visas that are Diplomatic, Courtesy, Official and Ordinary visas. Your visa types depend on your purpose. Similarly duration of your stay in China depends on what kind of visa you have. To apply for a Chinese visa you need to;

  • Download the application form, it can be downloaded from the china embassy website
  • Fill the application form carefully
  • Applicant should appear in person to submit the documents and answer all questions asked from the visa officer
  • Latest application form must used, older forms are not valid anymore.


All of your documents should be valid. Following are the documents that you need to submit when applying for Chinese Mainland visa:

  • Fully and accurately completed application form and recent photograph attached with it
  • Original passport that has a validity of at least 6 months
  • Minimum two blank visa pages on the passport
  • Photocopies of personal information that is on passport
  • And photocopies of previous Chinese visa, if you have any

Visa processing normally takes 4 working days. If you are availing express service, it takes 2-3 days.

Fee requirements:

Pakistani Diplomatic, Ordinary and Official passport holders exempted from any visa fees. If you have a U.S ordinary passport then visa fees are as follow:

  • Single/Double/Multiple Entries 10,400
  • Group Visa       8,000 per capita

Contact details:

You can contact the Chinese embassy in Pakistan at the following email address

Contact details of Consular Office

Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan

Tel: +92-51-8355016 (24 Hours Voice Inquiry Service), +92-51-8355015 (Operator answered during 09:00-12:00, 14:30-16:30 on working days), Fax: +92-51-2279600

A Chinese visa application from Pakistan necessitates meticulous planning and preparation due to the multiple stages involved. For a high-level picture, here it is:

1.  Your intentions for visiting China will determine the sort of visa you’ll need. A few examples of common visas are the L tourist visa, the M business visa, and the X student visa. See what kind of visa you need for your trip by visiting the website of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

2. Fill out the online visa application form Accessible online through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate website is the first step in applying for a visa. You risk having your visa application denied if the information you provide is not correct or complete.

3. Get all the necessary paperwork to support your visa application. All of the following documents may be required: a passport, two recent passport-sized photos, a national identity card copy, evidence of sufficient cash to cover your stay in China, a detailed itinerary, hotel reservations, and, if relevant, an invitation letter from a Chinese host or group.

4. Submit the application fee to the participating banks or use an online payment method. The precise amount of the cost will change based on the specific type of visa you are seeking. The receipt for the payment must be preserved because it is required to be submitted with the visa application.

5. Bring all of the necessary documents to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Pakistan or have a visa agency bring them on your behalf. This is after you have filled out the online visa application and collected all of the necessary paperwork. Be careful to submit the required paperwork and pay the visa fee.

6. The specifics of this step will depend on your visa type and other personal details. Your travel arrangements, reason for visiting, and personal history will likely be the topics of inquiry during the interview.

7. Get your visa stamped in your passport at the CVASC. You will be informed when your visa application is granted. Be cautious to double-check your visa details before you go for your trip.

A person’s specific situation and any changes to immigration policies can affect the specific steps involved in applying for a visa. Therefore, for the most current information and assistance with your visa application, it is recommended that you visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan or speak with a knowledgeable visa expert.


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