NADRA Lunched Biometric Verification Mobile App


We all agree that technology has evolved a lot in the past few years, be it in Pakistan or worldwide. Besides many inventions, Pakistan has come with another great technology invention, and this time, it is linked to the NIC Mobile app. With this app, you don’t need to go to the NADRA office and stand in a long queue.

Yes, you heard it right; it is for the first time that any country has introduced such a system for people’s ease. If you have just turned 18 and planning to create your NIC, then hold on, pick your mobile and do it while sitting at home. Isn’t it great?

NIC Mobile App

NIC Mobile App

Mobile and the internet have given us a lot of ease and convenience if used in the right way. Among many benefits, we are going to witness another amazing use of mobiles. On 31st August 2021, NADRA revealed the news of creating an online NIC Mobile App that has solved your NIC issues.

This amazing app has been created under the IT lab of NADRA and has remained successful. Pakistan has amazingly become the first country to introduce such an app as no country has ever thought about it before.

Here the question arises, how will this app function? Let’s figure it out in detail.

How NIC Mobile App Works

If you are also planning to get facilitated with this app, it is simple to operate this app. You can scan your signatures and other important documents needed for the card creation. Furthermore, with the help of a camera, you can take fingerprints. It is an advanced technology that can handle all the work.


There are unlimited features that this app has come with. One of the main factors involves in CNIC making is Biometric. Fortunately, the app has a biometric feature that will make the process instant and easy. Imran Khan also praised this amazing innovation done by the software engineer of NADRA.

However, NADRA is trying to bring more innovations to the system to make it more reliable and efficient. Introducing an online app is the first step taken by them that is highly commendable. With your phone, you can get rid of all the mess that you have to suffer in the NADRA office.

With this innovation, various small and middle businesses will get various benefits on the digital level. They can also look after all the expenses and overcome them with this amazing step and this the need of the hour. This app will be linked to and can be downloaded from the app store.

With a single click, you can download this app and get yourself facilitated with its use and features.

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