Patriotic Rahat Fateh Khan Refused the offer of Indian Movie

Patriotic Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Refused to  sing a song for Indian Movie (Gandhi- the conspiracy)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan refuses to sing a song for Indian upcoming movie (Gandhi – The conspiracy). The producer was disappointed about Rahat’s decision. Resources said that, this cause due to the current conspiracy between Ind and Pak. Also, this  Movie is based on Indian Politician “Gandhi”.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has earned fame in much time and recognized as a high-level singer all over the world. His voice, sur, and expressions in combination make a perfect melody that remains long lasting in the mind of people. He is famous not only in Pakistan and India but also in the whole world.

Recently, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was offered to sing a song for Indian movie “Gandhi – the conspiracy”. The producer was hopeful that Rahat will sing a song for her movie but his reaction was beyond their expectation. The film producer Lakshmi Iar said that when she meets Rahat at Dubai. He was ready to sing that song.infact, he was much excited about it. The even discuss the settlement and they even added him to their movie list. When they asked Rahat to sign the contract, he doesn’t accept it. The Indian producer said that “I don’t know whats gone wrong with Rahat, but next time I will sign him in her upcoming movie”.

The reason for rejecting movie:

Some said that Rahat refuses this offer due to current alarming circumstances between Pakistan and India due to Kashmir issue. Some said he is showing patriotism that’s why refusing the offer. Resources said that he rejected this offer because the movie is based on Indian politician, Gandhi. There is a risk that, this movie may be based on the conflict between Pakistan and India. Furthermore, the lyrics of the songs are taken from a poem “na me Hindu, na me Muslman” written by Shahid Qabool.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said that “ maybe people of Pakistan may not like this movie. I don’t want to get in trouble due to this”. The producer said that “Instead of his rejection, I respect Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and I would love to cast him in her upcoming movie as a singer.

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