Top 5 Famous Food Places in Islamabad

Looking back in 1990’s, one can judge it vividly that food culture in Islamabad has evolved a lot, for better of course, where there were seen few stalls of snacks and nadir restaurants, the capital city of Pakistan is now crammed with regional and international cuisines. For the fact the Islamabad is melting pot, absorbing masses of different backgrounds within its territory, the city has plethora of food flavors and taste of assimilating from all over the country. For those douche bags, which defame Islamabad as dead city and claim the city has a lack of food choices and limited taste buds, there is simply one gesture that Islamabad does not care the bullshit!

Today we have narrow-listed the Top 5 Famous Food Places in Islamabad, which includes western and eastern food corners in Islamabad, or perfect combinational of local and international cuisines, altogether making Islamabad the best place to escape for entertainment and food.

5- Wild Thyme, Islamabad

Preparing the food in peerless spices and ingredients, Wild Thyme has introduced flavors of northern area and Hunza Valley to Islamabad. Not in mood to eat typical food made in vegetable oils and spicy recipes? The Wild Thyme is iconic food destination for luxuriating in Hunza’s rich culinary heritage, all about making meat in apricot oil and special herbs. From their herb pasta to home-made juice of apricots, Wild Thyme nestled in Shaheen market is definitely not a place of ordinary seasoning.

4- Tuscany Courtyard, Islamabad

Purely an addition of international culture in Islamabad, Tuscany Courtyard is known for its distinctive aura and aroma in the town, where one must expect fine quality and traditional Italian food. Serving moderate amount of food, in fancy and artistic style, the restaurant is pretty taste modifier in Islamabad. Wide range of steaks and sauces worthy of your every penny, but their luscious brownie and coffee is unavoidable! Planning for fine dining in the city? Tuscany Courtyard must be at the rim of your basket for savoring ambience and first-rate flavors.

3- Savor Pulao, Islamabad

Having a limited budget in urge of eating something finest food in Islamabad, Savor Pulao can never be a bad option at all! The restaurant Savor Foods has earned trust for providing fresh food in reasonable prices. Being the most economical food outlet in Islamabad-Rawapindi, Savor Foods tempts hundreds of visitors to eat scrumptious meals in low budget. What makes this place highly recommended in the capital city is their traditional pulao, a mouthwatering dish of spicy rice, fried chicken and shami kebab served with salad and yogurt.

2-The Monal, Islamabad

Merely half an hour drive-away from downtown Islamabad, Monal restaurant is laying at Pir Sohawa road, which has become legacy for Islamabad, being installed on the top of Margalla Hills, it is ideal location for witnessing the proximity of nature in the town. Sitting in the thick of mountains, breathing the fresh air and soothing the soul watching bird-eye view of Islamabad is accompanied with delicious food of Thai, Continental, Chinese and Desi cuisines, makes Monal precious asset of Islamabad.

Before listing the number one famous food destination is Islamabad, here are some honorable mentions, which offer best food in best price, allowing the food enthusiasts to lick finger with each bite!
• Burining Brownies, Islamabad (Deserts prepared with imported chocolates.)
• Chaaye Khana, Islamabad (Ultimate destination for tea lovers, offering more than 50 different blend of teas)
• Khoka Khola, Islamabad (Collaborating modern and desi food, to serve in traditional steel utensils)

1- F-7, Islamabad

Alright, the people who are aware of every corner in Islamabad may find F-7 an unheard food place in Islamabad, but the fact is it is not a single food destination but a complete hub of rich taste. Absorbing the most renowned eateries and restaurants within its territory, F-7 can be blindly trusted for sinking into food heaven. No matter if its Howdy Restaurant or The Warehouse, you can get unlimited fast food options there.

Roaming the whole city in search of happening seasoning, must not skip F-7 sector, as the place is packed with Pappasallis F7, Kabul Restaurant, Zaiqa Asian Cuisine, Atrio Café & Grill, Golden Dragon and so much more within its circle.

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