Shocking Top 10 Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses 2019

Per Episode Salaries of Top 10 Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses 2019

Pakistani famous actress should be really admired because of their hard work towards industrial development. Our drama industry is grounded with many beautiful and talented actresses. Their beautiful expressions, fabulous acting, mind-blowing personalities and of course beautiful faces, grab the attention of the viewers.As a result, our industry is being improved by every passing day. As these actresses are responsible for drama industry success, it’s their right to demand handsome payment. Today, I am gonna tell you about Top 10 Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses 2019.

Top 10 Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses 2019:

Here is the complete list of Top 10 highly paid actresses along with their per episode charges. Let’s have a look.

1.Mahira Khan:

The name Mahira Khan does not need any introduction. This famous Pakistani actress started her career as a VJ on MTV. Later on, she appeared in a movie named Bol. People really admired her acting and she played first time in a blockbuster drama serial “Humsafar”. Hence, She got many awards as the best actress and also worked in Bollywood. She charged $5,000 per episode and came at number one.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

2.Saba Qamar:

Yet Another renowned and famous Pakistani actress is Saba Qamar. She is known for her exceptional acting skills and her ability to portray herself in the given character. Afterall, She won eight awards and worked in dramas and movies. Her charges are $4,800 per episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

3.Ainy Jafri:

The beautiful actress and model, Ainy Jafri came at the number 3 when we talk about Top 10 highly paid Pakistani actress 2019. She charged $4,700 / Episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

4.Sanam Baloch:

When we talk about highly paid actresses, how can one forget about Sanam Baloch. The beautiful actress and Morning Show host charges $4,400 / Episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

5.Mehwish Hayat:

The National Crush Mehwish Hayat came at the number 5 and charges $4,200 / Episode. She is a wonderful actress known for her beauty and exceptional acting skills.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

6.Sajal Ali:

The young and talented actress Sajal Ali charges $4,000 per Episode. He worked in a Bollywood Movie Mom through which she earned a bundle of fame.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

7.Saira Shehroz:

The wife of Shehroz Sabzwari, daughter-in-law of Behrouz Sabzwari is a famous model and actresses known for her beauty. She charges $4,700 / Episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

8.Ayesha Khan:

When we talk about the charm, class, and style, Ayesha Khan came at the top. Her acting is outclassed, therefore she ruled the Pakistani industry for a long time.This beautiful actress charged $1,500 / Episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

9.Humaima Malik:

Sister of famous Actor Feroz Khan, she worked in many famous drama serials and movies.  She charged $1,450 / Episode and came at number nine when we count Top 10 Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses 2019.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

10.Sanam Saeed:

Another beauty queen of the Pakistani drama industry is Sanam Saeed. Pakistani industry is proud to have such a beautiful and talented actress. hence she charges $1,400 / Episode.Highly Paid Pakistani Actresses

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