Whatsapp Updates its Voice Recording Feature

Saved Voice Recording

The most used app Whatsapp rapidly introduces new updates to satisfy its users. Now it updated its voice recording feature which will be able to save voice recording automatically if something interrupted it. This feature is available on WhatsApp beta 2.18.123 version for Android users registered with Google Play Beta.

Previously, if something interrupts during recording a voice note it got deleted and the user has to record the message again. It happened in case a call rings or the phone battery got low the voice note automatically deleted whether you take a lot of time to record it. However, this is not going to happen again and if you got interrupted by anything you just need to go back to the chat window and listen what you have recorded and send that.

You can delete the voice recording as well if you don’t like it and record it again, you have the option. But this will be good news for people who used to send voice notes on daily basis and find the interruption irritated they can now save the recording. Besides, the recording cannot be resumed again and the user only has the option to send it.

Whether you got interrupted or not you have now the option to listen to it once before sending it. Earlier you didn’t have the option to listen to it before sending.

Locked Voice Recording

Despite this update, another WhatsApp locked voice recording feature is also available on the version of beta 2.18.102. When you start recording the voice after few seconds the hint will show up on the screen to slide up for lock the recording.

The person who used to make long recording find it difficult to hold the recording button for a long time and if mistakenly released the recording will be sent. The new update will lock the recording as by sliding up will lock it and the user can easily record as long as they want and the release it to send. The cancel button will be on middle and send button on the right.

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