Cheat the Heat with Top 5 Best Public and Private Beaches in Dubai

Top 5 Best Beaches in Dubai to Visit this Summer (Public and Private)

In hot weather, people mostly prefer to visit the beach by cheating the heat. Like other Arab countries, UAE also has very hot weather in summer. If you are in Dubai or want to visit soon, then these beaches can make your tour even more memorable and comfortable. There are many private and public beaches in Dubai and you can visit many of them without any charges.

Top 5 Beaches in Dubai:

The list of Beaches in Dubai is based on the facilities available at the spot as well as the customer reviews, visitors number, and many other factors.

1.Jumeirah Beach:

One of the best beach in Dubai which is not only popular in UAE but all around the world is Jumeirah beach. This beach has many eye-catching features but the scenery in the evening is just awesome. The sand of the beach is white which becomes orange-yellow when the sun sets. This beach has following beautiful scenes and features;

  • The water park for little kids so that everyone can feel an equal amount of enjoyment.
  • There is a string of restaurants, cafes, trees, and gardens.
  • Moreover, it has kids park and other play areas.
  • You can view Burj Al Arab and many other famous buildings are just cool.
  • Most cleaned and peaceful place to hang out with your beloved ones.

One of Dubai, United Arab Emirates’ most well-known and iconic beaches is Jumeirah Beach. This immaculate shoreline, which stretches along the Jumeirah district’s coast, is well-known for its glistening clean seas, powder-soft white sands, and breathtaking Arabian Gulf views. It has evolved into a global icon of luxury and leisure, drawing tourists from all over the world who come to take in its breathtaking scenery and wide range of recreational opportunities.

Jumeirah Beach’s spotless appearance and well-kept amenities are among its most distinctive qualities. Sun loungers, showers, and changing rooms are just a few of the facilities that the beachfront offers to make sure guests can unwind and relax in luxury. Additionally, lifeguards are posted around the beach to give people who enjoy the ocean an extra sense of security.

2. Kite Beach:

People from different regions visit this place every year and the number of visitors is remarkably high. This beach is situated on Al Manara Road Junction and due to its sports, it is named as Kite Beach. The specialties of this beach are;

  • Watersports attract a huge number of visitors every year.
  • The beautiful view of Burj Al Arab and clean sand doubles its beauty.
  • You will have kites, volleyball, soap football, beach tennis and many other gaming facilities there.

The lively and ever-changing Kite Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides a one-of-a-kind combination of leisure, amusement, and relaxation. This well-liked beach on the Jumeirah coast is famous for its exciting vibe, beautiful scenery, and diverse range of activities that visitors of all interests may enjoy.

Kite Beach is a paradise for thrill seekers and nature lovers, so called because of the vibrant kites that adorn the sky on days with a strong breeze. Its vast expanse of golden, soft sand is ideal for sunbathing, picnics, or just gazing out at the stunning Arabian Gulf scenery. As a result of the mild climate and constant sea breeze, kite flyers travel from all over the globe to this location to show off their talents and reach new heights.

Land and sea recreation are abundant at Kite Beach beyond its sandy borders. Thrill seekers can take part in a range of water activities, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and kite surfing, all while being guided by knowledgeable instructors. Exciting activities like parasailing and jet skiing, which put the city’s famous cityscape in the background, are also popular choices for thrill seekers.

3.Burj Beach:

The completely opened environment beach named Burj Beach is situated on Umm Suqeim 3. The clean and clear sand, sunset time and waves touching your feet are really amazing. Furthermore, the beach has following facilities;

  • It is best for swimming and surfing.
  • One of the best things is, it is also a sports club. You can play varied games here including Banana Boating, wakeboarding, water skiing and many other games.
  • Dubai Dolphin show is another amazing thing about this beach.

4.Sunset Beach:

Another famous beach among the best beaches in Dubai is sunset beach. This beach is famous for open environment, beautiful scenery, especially at sunset and cleanliness.

  • There are many sports areas to play on the beach.
  • Best for a morning walk and running.
  • Clean and clear sand along with relaxing environment is something unique in this beach.
  • Moreover, the view of golf and Jumeirah mall is really heart touching.

5.Mercato Beach:

This mall is located near the Mercato mall and it is a hidden spot for the sports lovers. Although, the beach is still under construction and many facilities will be available to the people in near future.

  • One of the best things about this beach is the library. Moreover, you can take books out without any charges.
  • Jogging track doubles the beauty and popularity of this comfortable beach.

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