Top 5 Most-Happening Food Places in Karachi

While stretching legs in the city of Sea of Mini-Pakistan, Karachi, one cannot complain of not finding happening food destination, as the whole city is the epitome of Desi and Western Food culture, ranging from street food to fancy restaurants, Karachi is brimmed with most-happening Food Places in Karachi.

Top 5 Most-Happening Food Places in Karachi

For being inhabit with several classes of people of different backgrounds and regions, Karachi is packed of uncountable cuisines, and here we have listed Top 5 Most-Happening Food Places In Karachi, which narrates the fact that sometimes food in not just something to fill your tummy, but please your eyes and satisfy your souls too! So let’s dive to brush out the catalogue of Top 5 Most-Happening Food Places In Karachi, which are totally worthy of pampering of you something with.

5- Lal Qila, Karachi

Majestic architecture and food are what makes this place a happening food destination in Karachi, Lal Qila Restaurant where food is served by waiters in traditional dresses and in royal plating styles. Offering unforgettable aura and taste, Lal Qila is unavoidable food hub, brimmed with wide range of food varieties (more than 90 items in buffet), from Mughal dishes to international cuisines, this place is ideal for savoring buffet in reasonable prices.

Famous for its exclusive eating experience rooted in the region’s rich cultural heritage, Lal Qila is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. The name “Lal Qila” is derived from the English word “Red Fort,” which was chosen to honor the famous Mughal palace in Delhi, India.

Decor of the restaurant is famously evocative of Mughal palace dining rooms. The interior exudes an air of royal magnificence with its elaborate chandeliers, beautiful woodwork, and lavish furnishings.

At Lal Qila, you may enjoy authentic Mughlai food, which is a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of the Mughal rulers. The restaurant’s menu takes diners on a culinary adventure through the tastes of many cuisines, from aromatic biryanis and succulent kebabs to hearty curries and sumptuous desserts.

4- Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House, Karachi

For barbecue lovers, here comes the food heaven, serving first-class Dhaga Kabab and Malai Boti, made to perfection of taste and quality. Giving a kick to your taste buds, the restaurant is highly recommended in Karachi for experiencing traditional barbecue aura, provocative aroma of live barbecue and untamable taste in your mouth.

3- Meat The Cheese, Karachi

Popular for its unique setting and aura, it is Pakistan’s first restaurant that has introduced raclette cheese wheel serving hot and melting cheese over the top of your dish from real cheese slab! This place is unofficial den of meat and cheese in Karachi, tempting cheese lovers, mostly youngsters to surprise their taste buds.

2- Zaoq-Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Worthy of every buck in your wallet, Zaoq at Dolmen Mall, Clifton being one of the high-end food destinations is classy café cum restaurant in highly competitive market of Karachi. Blending Pakistani traditional foods with modern plating styles, this restaurant is big YES to entice your taste buds, especially for those who need a bit more than typical burgers and fast food after a hectic shopping day.

1-Kolachi Restaurant, Karachi

In the catalogue of most-happening food places in Karachi, Kolachi Restaurant tops them all as the list is not just concerned for scrumptious food but scrutinize additional factors i.e. dining area, serving manners, plating styles and top of them all is the affordability with happening taste. Installed at the edge of Do Darya, this restaurant is appealing to eyes for heartwarming sea view, soothing to heart for cold breezes and satisfying to stomach for offering Asian, Chinese and Continental food in economical ranges.

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