Top 7 Best Cities To Live In The World 2024 | Peaceful Yet Prettiest Cities

Best Cities to Live in the World  | World Ranking

Every year, a firm launches the world’s city ranking based on the lifestyle, facilities, customer reviews, and peace in the city. The list of best cities to live in the world is unique and have added the best cities in it. If you are planning to live in one of the best cities in the world, then this guide can help you in this regard.

Best Cities to Live in the World:

The top 10 best cities to live in the world can help you to choose the best one for you.

Frankfurt, Germany:

The city in the 7th place is also from a great country, Germany. The traditional and modern architecture alongside exceptional facilities makes this city worthwhile to live in.Best Cities

Germany remains one of the top locations to live in 2024 thanks to its great quality of life, cultural diversity, and abundance of job prospects. Once known only for its banking industry, Frankfurt has expanded beyond its roots to become a vibrant metropolis that meets the demands of its diverse population.

Frankfurt is at the forefront of smart city development thanks to its dedication to sustainability and innovation. Renewable energy, efficient public transit, and environmentally conscious city planning are some of the city’s green initiatives that have received substantial funding. Residents can take pride in their community and enjoy a good quality of life because of the clean and verdant environment.

  • A huge amount of national and international students.
  • The nightlife along with a wide variety of entertainment purposes are appreciable.
  • Well clean and well-disciplined country.
  • Best for education point of view.

Dusseldorf, Germany:

Another beautiful city in Germany is added to this list in 6th place. You will get everything through bicycling and have very little congestion.Best Cities

  • Art galleries along with a museum and modern architecture are awesome.
  • Functional public transport.
  • Less air and noise pollution due to the low quantity of vehicles.

Vancouver, Canada:

Perhaps the cleanest and most disciplined city in the world is Vancouver, a city in Canada. Every year, people across the whole world choose this city to live in.

With its perfect combination of cultural diversity, abundant economic opportunities, and breathtaking natural scenery, Vancouver, Canada, continues to be one of the top places to call home in 2024. Vancouver is a popular destination for visitors and residents due to its beautiful location between the coast mountains and the ocean, as well as its abundance of outdoor activities.

Best Cities

  • Innovative and impressive worldwide programs.
  • Environmental accessibility and sustainability.
  • Clean and well-ruled city.

Munich, Germany:

The dream European city Germany’s city Munich is also added to this list. The traditional values of the country along with the annual events attract the people all across the world.Best Cities

  • Cultural events and attractions.
  • Most sophisticated city.
  • Annual Oktoberfest.
  • Friendly people.

Auckland, New Zealand:

One-third of the new Zeeland population is located in this amazing city. The great hustle and bustle of the city and affordable places to buy are the great sources of its popularity.Best Cities

  • Beautiful views and scenery.
  • Peaceful city.
  • Great opportunity for employment.

Zurich, Switzerland:

The snow-covered mountains, peaceful regions, exceptional facilities stand this city in the list of best cities in the world. It has a beautiful river which cut across the city and lowers crime rates are the specialty of the country.Best Cities

  • Snowy mountains.
  • Entertainment stuff (a huge amount of restaurants, cafes, malls, cinemas).
  • Amazing public transport.

Vienna, Austria:

The best city on the planet to live in Vienna, a capital of Austria. This city is considered one of the great greenish city in the world with wide countryside escapes. The specialties of this city are;Best Cities

  • Lowest crime rate.
  • Exceptional transport services.
  • Affordable rates and most greenish regions.
  • Most peaceful and pretty city.

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