Top 5 Beautiful and Unique Mosques in Dubai, UAE

Elegant Mosques in Dubai, UAE (Must Go Places)

UAE is an Islamic country so its famous city also has Islamic heritage and culture. Where Dubai is surrounded with beautiful modern buildings and westernized spots. On the other hand, it also has beautiful and amazing Islamic spots that will refresh the belief of every Muslim. There are many beautiful mosques in Dubai which are beautifully designed. Especially the scenery in the night is awesome when the whole mosque is decorated with elegant lights.

Beautiful Mosques in Dubai:

The larger in size, elegant in design and beautiful scenery make these mosques unique from others.

5. Iranian Mosque:

The only Iranian mosque in Dubai is Iranian mosque also called Imam Hussain mosque. It is located near to the Jumeirah beach and it depicts the traditional culture of Islam. The whole mosque is designed according to the Persian style and design.

The red, green, white and blue colored tiles in the outer and inner walls of the mosque give it the perfect look. Especially in the night, the beautiful lighting gives it more perfect and colorful look.Mosques in Dubai

4. Grand Mosque:

This is the largest mosque of the Dubai and located in front of Dubai Museum in Burj Dubai. More than 1200 worshipers can worship there at the same time. First it was used as an educational place for children, later on, it was rebuilt into an amazing mosque. But one of the noticeable things is that only Muslims an entry in this mosque. Noon Muslims can view it by standing outside the mosque but are not allowed to enter in it. One of the most noticeable thing in this is the 230 feet tall minaret which is tallest in the whole of Dubai.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, more formally known as the Grand Mosque in Dubai, is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and UAE cultural heritage. This magnificent mosque, which welcomes guests from all over the globe to marvel at its beauty and tranquility, is named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president and founding father of the United Arab Emirates.

Located in the middle of Dubai’s bustling cultural sector, the Grand Mosque is a stunning example of Islamic architecture that skillfully blends modern and traditional styles. Its domes, minarets, and exquisite carvings give off an air of majesty and serenity, drawing in visitors and worshippers who can’t wait to explore the hallowed halls and peaceful courtyards within.

The majestic minarets of the Grand Mosque stand out against the contemporary cityscape of Dubai and rise majestically into the sky, making them one of the mosque’s most eye-catching characteristics. The minarets of this mosque guide attendees in devotion and reflection by resonating with the beautiful chants that fill the mosque’s holy halls, calling them to prayer.

Mosques in Dubai

3. Al Farooq Omar Bin Khattab Mosque:

This beautiful mosque is located in the middle of Dubai and famous for its designing and lightning. The exterior part of the mosque is all over blue which depicts the blue mosque in Istanbul. The renovation work of this mosque continuous for many years first in 1986, then in 2003 and later in 2011. The specialties of this mosque are red and golden carpets (from the journey), 4 minarets, 21 domes and more than 120 glass windows. The area of 93,400 square feet and worshiper’s capacity of 2000.

2. Jumeirah Mosque:

This mosque is one of the most popular mosques in Dubai and located at the famous Jumeirah beach. The main reason for the popularity of this mosques is the decoration of 500 dirhams. Another shocking thing in this mosque is the tour guide. As non-muslims and women can also visit this mosque, they often require a guided tour to visit the mosque. An institute named Sheikh Mahmood Center for Cultural Understanding provide best ever tour services.

1. Sheikh Zaid Grand Mosque:

This beautiful mosque is located in another famous city of UAE named Abu Dhabi. This mosque is spread around the area of 30 acres and beautiful design snatch the heart of every viewer. Although this mosque is for Muslims it is estimated that a large number of non-Muslims also visit this mosque. The whole mosque is designed with marbles stones, ceramics, crystals and many other precious stones. The whitish look of this great mosque looks like Mughal empires and give it the look of some Mehal. The capacity of the mosque is larger enough that more than 40,000 worshipers can worship there at the same time.

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