Window VS Split AC –  Which Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

7 Things to Remeber When You Choose Window VS Split AC

No one can deny the importance of air conditioner in the summer season when the killer sun rays warm your body. It is not only compulsory in the home but also in offices, shops, malls and in educational institutes. It’s the summer season and most of the people are in search of the good air conditioner. But the question that confuses many people is whether they should buy a window AC or Split AC? To solve the problem of many people, here is the complete detail mentioned about which AC is best and what is suitable for you. The simple review of Window VS Split AC is really worthier to know.Window VS Split AC

Window VS Split AC:

The complete comparison and review of Window VS Split AC is mentioned to help out while choosing one for you. The review is described by the factors which are varied and help you to take any decision.

1. Home Space:

The first thing that you must consider the space at your home. Decide to purchase the AC according to your space in the room.

  • Window AC: is encased in a single closing instead of separate indoor and outdoor units. This is preferable when room size is small and you don’t have enough space.
  • Split AC: is preferable when room size is large and you have enough space both for indoor and outdoor units.

2. Installation Process:

  • Window AC: it requires more opening to properly fit it in the space. Hence the installation of this is
  • Split AC: is easy to install as you just need a few spaces for IDU and ODU.

3. Noise:

  • Window AC: it’s not silent and creates noise which interrupts you during sleep.
  • Split AC: is Silent and don’t create noise at all.

4. Cooling:

  • Window AC: The cooling of this AC is high when you use it in a small room. It may not provide adequate cooling in large rooms.
  • Split AC: is capable of providing maximum cooling weather its large or small room.

5. Electricity Consumption:

  • Window AC: it consumes less power as it has all the things enclosed in one case and it operates in a small room.
  • Split AC: consumes more power due to IDU and ODU.

6. Suitable:

  • Window AC: suitable for a small room, small offices, and small shops.
  • Split AC: commercial places, organizations, homes, malls, and business.

7. Prices:

  • Window AC:  has low prices as compared to split AC. You can get a 1.5 Ton AC under rupees 32,000.
  • Split AC: prices are high and it ranges from 40,000 to above.

It is recommended to choose the best one which meets your specifications. But make sure you purchase it from the right company so that it will work longer.

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