Islamabad High Court Ban Game Shows During Ramzan

High Court Imposes a Ban Game Shows During Ramzan (Breaking)

Today, Islamabad High Court ordered to Ban Game Shows During Ramzan. They also advised the channels to air Azan 5 times a day. The ban is applied on all Morning and game shows.

In the holy month of the Ramzan, Muslims worships Allah to seek forgiveness, peace, and prayers. all the channels consider it an obligation to launch the game show after Iftar. The purpose of the game show is pure entertainment but what if it starts diverting people from religious obligation. Due to these games, people do everything just for the sake of a motorbike, cars, refrigerators and few other gifts. The Morning shows are caused the women to remain away from their daily activities just to join a transmission. The blessing of Sehr and Iftar are ruined by the Game shows, Ramzan transmission, and morning shows. Especially the morning shows are really criticized by the male majority.

Ban Game Shows During Ramzan

Islamabad High Court bans All Morning shows, Ramzan Transmissions, and Game shows during the holy month of the Ramzan.

Ban Game Shows and Transmissions:

In the haring of 8th May 2018, Islamabad High Court announced a decision to Ban Game Shows During Ramzan. The judge Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique order to ban all Transmissions, game and morning shows. As these shows are distracting to participate in such shows rather than offering a prayer.

The Airing of Azan:

He is also sent a notice to TV channels for airing Azan a day on all the channel. The azan will be aired five times a day. In this way, whenever they will watch the TV, their belief will get more strong due to the sweet and beautiful sound of Azan.

Statements of Justice Shaukat Aziz:

The great Judge Shaukat Aziz Saddique Said “They will not allow anyone to make fun of the religion and its obligations”. Further, he said that “its State’s responsibility to protect the Islamic identity and Ideology”. He also said “Nothing is more breaking for a Muslims except the Azan”

The Media Regulatory bodies, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) director general, and PBA lawyers were present in this hearing. The DG said that they will soon be issuing the orders to TV channels for the ban of such transmission during Ramzan.

However, it is going to be a good intuitive. Although many channels have already announced to launch their transmission for Ramzan. But this decision will be going to implement which will protect our religious ideology.

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