Azad Hun Main Song has been Release to Support Kashmiris by Musical Band Dervish

About 38 Pakistani Artists & Singers Awoke Magic of their Voice in Azad Hun Main Song

The people of Kashmir are facing too much problems and cruelty from India. All other countries are supporting Kashmiris and today here is Azad Hun Main Song that has been released for supporting the people of Kashmir. A well-known musical band Dervish along with many musical bands, singers and actors are there in this song. Almost there are 38 people who participated in Azad Hun Main Song for the independent of Kashmiris.

Lot of Pakistani artists are there in the song’s video and they all wanted an independent Kashmir. One more specialty of this song is that the singing poetry of Bulleh Shah has also been added. Moreover, the poetry is written by Rafay Siddiqui and Dr. Gohar Khanum. For more details check the below section of this article.

Azad Hun Main Song

Kashmir is the prettiest part of Pakistan but from last some months the people of Kashmir are facing many problems. There is a huge cruelty basis behavior with them. Pakistanis are supporting them and wanted Kashmir as an independent area in which they can live their lives freely. In this regard, here is a fantastic song named Azad Hun Main in which almost 38 Pakistani artists are performing their performance. They all are supporting the Kashmiris. The musical band Dervish under the banner of several musical bands, singers and actors based on at least 38 occupied Kashmir independent in this song.

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Pakistani Artists in Azad Hun Main

It is about 8 minutes video in which singer Tina period of singing and other performer artists including Adnan Siddiqui

  • Rachel Vicaaji
  • Areeb Azhar
  • Nimra Rafique
  • Arza Khan
  • Nazia Zuberi
  • Yunus Rafiq
  • Nadia Hussein
  • Aiman Khan
  • Faryal Mahmoud
  • Wardh Aziz
  • Ali Gul Pir

And many others awoke the magic of their voice.

More about this Song

Moreover Bulleh Shah’s poetry has also been added and the poetry is written by Rafay Siddiqui and Dr. Gohar Khanum. Zain Siddiqui has given the instructions and produced this Song. Whereas Rafay Siddiqui compose this song.

This amazing song has been released under Dervish Band along with the performances of Kashmir Band, Show Band and E-Sharp Band.

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