Pakistani Film Sherdil is getting a Sequel| Tribute to Pakistan Air Force

This Time Pakistani Film Sherdil 2 is on its Way (Wait for a Patriotic Film)!!!

Pakistan is a country in which the best Air Force works for the citizens of this country. For giving them a tribune a Pakistani Film Sherdil was released in March 2019. This time here is a good news for the viewers as Pakistani Film Sherdil 2 has been started for again giving the Air Force Officers a tribune of their work and sacrifices. The sequel of Sherdil film is on its way and this news is confirmed by its producer and writer. Moreover, this time the second part of Sherdil film would be totally different form its first part. In addition, some old cast members would be there in this film but some would be changed in this part.

Sequel of Pakistani Film Sherdil

Pakistani actor Meekal Zulfiquar worked well in his last Pakistani Film Sherdil as a lead role. The film was released on March 22, 2019 across the Pakistan, but this time the producer and writer decided to make the second part of this film. Therefore, Mikaal Zulfiqaar’s tribute to the Pakistan Air Force is getting a sequel, but he might not be in it. We are excited to know about the star who would be in place of Mikaal in this sequel.

The sequel of Pakistani Film Sherdil is on its way. The work has been started and the Sherdil 2 would be different from its first part. According to Numan Khan the cast of Sherdil 2 would also be different from the earlier one. Most probably, there would be 0ne or two years in its release.

All about Pakistani Film Sherdil

The story of Pakistani Film Sherdil was about the life of Pakistan Air Force officers. The ups and downs of their lives were shown in this film. It was a tribune to all Pakistan Air Force Officers who work hard and sacrifices their lives for the betterment of their nation.

In the casted list of stars for Pakistani Film Sherdil was:

  • Meekal Zulfiquar
  • Sabeeka Imam
  • Armeena Khan
  • Hassan Niazi

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Story of Sherdil

And many others were also there in this team. Producer and writer Noman Khan confirmed Sherdil 2, with all new faces and some old ones.

The teaser of Sherdil shows the time of Pak-Indo war of 1965. In which Mikaal played the role of a pilot. During his training he was taught the country’s love, care and respect as well as the importance of his duty.

There are no words on its completion or releasing but the Sherdil 2 would come on screens soon. So wait for the fantastic Pakistani film which includes love, respect, care, fight, war and much more.

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