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when we talk about the best lipstick brand, Medora lipstick comes instantly to our minds. It has succeeded in establishing its place, especially in Pakistan. In today’s world, it has become quite complicated to get our hands on affordable yet quality products but all thanks to Medora for always coming with different yet catchy shades.

Medora brand is not new as it is being originated for a long time and is serving quite well. They are known for producing a wide range of lipstick shades. They know what exactly the customer wants and how to make the products stand out.

In today’s guide let’s talk about this brand in detail to know more about it.

Medora lipstick

Medora Brand

Among so many brands making waves everywhere, there are many reasons that make Medora a complete package. It is one of the highly economical brands that is completely hard to find these days. You can easily get your hands on the best quality lipstick for under 500 Rs and this is what every girl want.

Apart from being economical, they have a variety of shades in lipsticks. One can’t doubt Medora lipstick shades and this quality makes this brand worth experiencing. Other than this, Medora lipstick has 3 different finishes including semi-matte, creamy and matte. Isn’t it great?

Medora Lipstick Shades

Medora brand has a wide range of lipstick shades at an affordable rate and each shade is worth admiring. You can get Medora lipsticks shades with number easily from your nearest store. A few of the highly in-demand shades of Medora include:

  • Medora Matte Lipstick, 22, Chocolate
  • M. Lipstick Matte, 571
  • M. Lipstick glossy 42 Tajori
  • M. Lipstick glossy 39 Tajori
  • M. Lipstick glitter G-824
  • M. lipstick glossy 25 Tajori
  • M. Matte lipstick 562, captive
  • Medora Matte lipstick 559 beloved
  • M. Matte Lipstick, 581 smile
  • Medora Matte Lipstick 291, Gold dust
  • Medora Matte Lipstick 562
  • M. Lipstick glitter G-824

These are a few popular Medora shades that people love to buy. Other than that, you can get a lot of other options at a reasonable rate.

Medora lip colours

Medora Lipsticks price in Pakistan

Despite being a big name in the country they make sure to keep everything economical and within everyone’s range. The minimum price of lipstick start from 150 to 180 and so on. You can also get a pack of 6 lipsticks of different shades in only 1269 and what can be reasonable than this?

Medora Offices

The headquarter of the Medora brand is located in Karachi.

Karachi Address: 5th & 9th Floor, Tibet Centre, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi.

Lahore Address: 3rd Floor Nizam Chambers, Punjab, Lahore, Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah.

Apart from these 2 cities, you can get Medora brand products from any local shop.

Medora Lipstick Price List 2022

Let;’s talk about a few common lipstick shades that Medora is offering in 2022 along with their price details.

Product Name Store Price
Medora Matte Lipstick 229 Naheed. pk Rs 180
M. Lipstick Matte 567 I shopping. pk Rs 250
M. Lipstick Matte 571 I shopping. pk Rs 250
M. Lipstick Matte 229 I shopping. pk Rs 230
Medora Lipsticks Multicolor Tajori Tajori. pk Rs 1269
M. Lipstick Matte 229 Tajori Tajori. pk Rs 199
M. Lipstick Glossy 42 Tajori Tajori. pk Rs 199
M. Lipstick Glossy 39 Tajori Tajori. pk Rs 230

These are a few Medora lipstick colours that you may look for in 2022 at totally reasonable rates.

However, this is not the only product they are offering. From deodorant to face wash to face masks, they have every possible product to fulfil your needs. Let’s name a few.

  • Medora Compact Powder
  • Medora Eye Conture Eye liner
  • Medora french manicure white
  • Medora eyeshadows and eyeliners
  • Face brush and bronzer
  • Hand and Feet sanitisers
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