Uber Launches Uber Injury Protection Insurance for Drivers-Passengers in Pakistan

All You Need to Know About Uber Injury Protection Insurance in Pakistan

No one is unaware of Uber, a leading and secure transport company. They have tough competition with Careem, another transport company. Therefore, they have to launch more and more campaigns to compete with its competitors.

Hence, Uber announced to provide complete Uber Injury Protection Insurance to its passengers and drivers. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety costs while taking a drive through Uber. This insurance will start today, 1st August 2018 spanning more than 50,000 active Uber vehicles in Pakistan.Uber Injury Protection insurrance

The head of Uber, Pierre Dimitri Gore Coty stated that;

We are pleased to announce such an amazing and leading insurance service in Pakistan for the ride sharing.

The president of Chubb Insurance said;

This amazing collaboration with Uber to provide this innovative driver partner insurance is a great part of ours. we are committed to supporting the efforts around the digital transformations and we are intended to provide the peace of mind to the people.

What is Injury Protection Insurance?

Uber has collaborated with Chubb Insurance Company to facilitate the driver partners and passengers. Through this insurance, the drivers and passengers will get complete injury protection insurance. It will cover all the medical expenses for the partner driver and the passengers. However, they have not disclosed the more detail about this insurance but they have to define minor details. In short, they will provide complete medical treatment without any cost while traveling with Uber.

Once again, the world-famous ride-hailing company Uber has set a new standard for transportation safety and security. An innovative new insurance product that covers Uber drivers and passengers in Pakistan, Uber Injury Protection Insurance is a game-changer for the ride-sharing company. Everyone who uses Uber across the nation should rest easy knowing that this program is a giant leap forward in protecting their health and safety.

Steps to Increase Security

The launch of Uber Injury Protection Insurance demonstrates the firm’s dedication to protecting its customers, who are the company’s first concern. Coverage for medical bills and lost income due to incidents occurring during Uber rides is provided by this innovative insurance scheme, which adds an extra degree of protection for both drivers and passengers.

Complete Protection

Uber Pakistan provides drivers and passengers with injury protection insurance that is designed to meet their specific needs. If a driver gets hurt on the job, their insurance will pay for their medical bills (in and out of the hospital) and any time they miss work due to recovery. If an accident occurs during an Uber ride, the insurance will help pay for the medical bills of the passengers involved.

One of the best things about Uber’s Injury Protection Insurance is how easy it is to use and how accessible the support is. Using the Uber app, both drivers and passengers have easy access to assistance and the ability to make insurance claims in the case of an accident.

People may concentrate on getting well instead of worrying about insurance paperwork thanks to this simplified process that guarantees fast help and easy claim processing.

Responsibility and Openness

With the introduction of Uber Injury Protection Insurance, Uber continues its tradition of responsibility and openness in all of its business dealings. So that everyone utilizing the Uber platform may make an educated decision about their safety, the firm has made an effort to educate drivers and passengers on the insurance options accessible to them.

Without the help and cooperation of its insurance partners, Uber’s plan to implement Injury Protection Insurance in Pakistan would never have gotten off the ground. As part of its continued dedication to the safety and security of its drivers and passengers in Pakistan, Uber has teamed up with top insurance providers in the nation to develop a comprehensive insurance scheme.

Insurance is For:

This amazing insurance is applicable for the all driver partners having any vehicle such as;Uber Injury Protection rikshaw

  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Rickshaws


Unfortunately, if you met with an accident while traveling with Uber, you can get Injury Protection Insurance under the following conditions.

  • This insurance is only for Uber driver partners who are riding any vehicle.
  • Moreover, this insurance is only applicable to the drivers while they are riding Uber vehicle.
  • Basically, this insurance is for drivers. However, when the driver is riding the Uber vehicle and met with an accident, then its obvious that the passengers will also get injured. In that case, the passengers will also get complete financial help.

What Will Insurance Cover?

  • Financial Cost of Injury
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Earning Opportunities

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